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Tips in Avoiding Fatigue Symptoms During Pregnancy

Gerrard Mackenzie

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Being pregnant is the time when you need to have extra iron. This will keep you and the baby in your womb as healthy as you hope to be. If you fail to have enough iron, it is possible that you could develop iron-deficiency anemia. One in every five pregnant women is stricken by this kind of anemia.

Furthermore, post-natal women often continue on having reduced iron levels due to the massive blood loss upon giving birth and their milk production. This situation culminates into the onslaught of various fatigue symptoms.

Common signs of iron deficiency anemia are:

- Feelings of fatigue
- Pale skin
- Frequent headaches
- Heart palpitations
- Shortness of breath

Here are tips in iron consumption that can help you avoid or overcome iron deficiency fatigue symptoms:

1. Remember that there are certain food groups that are the best sources of iron. Include in your daily meals lots of whole meal bread, potatoes, dark green leafy vegetables, iron-fortified cereals, shellfish, lean red meat, and raisins.

2. Do avoid drinking milk or tea for at least an hour after eating iron rich foods. The calcium in the milk might reduce your body's iron absorption.

3. If you are taking iron rich foods and other iron supplements, make sure that you do not take NSAIDS, antacids and laxatives for they can interfere with your body's iron absorption.

4. Taking vitamin C can encourage iron absorption so make sure that you increase consumption of vegetables and fruits rich in Vitamin C

5. If you must take iron supplements, remember that taking higher doses is not much recommended for this can cause disagreeable side effects. Some of the unpleasant effects of high iron supplement dosage are general tummy complaints like stomachache, nausea and diarrhea and constipation. It is recommended to increase fiber rich foods while taking iron supplements for this can prevent constipation.

Taking tablets to combat stomach complaints before or with a meal can also assist in reducing other side effects that iron supplement brings about.

You might like to try Spatone. This is a good product that delivers a form of iron that is absorbable than most traditional supplements. As such, you will not be compelled to take higher and definitely quite dangerous dosages just to make sure that you not become iron deficient while pregnant. Spatone is already proven clinically to be effective in avoiding the various side effects brought about by high iron supplement dosage.

Gerrard Mackenzie is the author of the ebook Supercharge Your Sleep and Special Sleep Report which taught thousands of the stressed-out, tired and overworked how to overcome their sleeping difficulties and get a better night's rest. He currently blogs over at Supercharge Your sleep Blog


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