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Having a pregnant wife can be a stressful time for both the husband and the wife. The wife, though, bears the brunt of pregnancy's trials. A responsible husband should try his best to ease the burden off his spouse during this high-stress period.

Here are a few simple ways to help your pregnant wife through these troubling times:

1) Look Out For Her Health, Both Mentally And Physically

Your wife's health is very important. Pregnant women experience many changes, both physically and emotionally as they progress through their pregnancy. These changes can be sometimes not noticeable to the woman herself. Expecting fathers can be a big help by learning about the pregnancy progress and watching out for his partner's health. This can be done by encouraging her to eat a proper diet and avoiding cigarettes, alcohol and the use of unnecesary drugs.

A proper diet for a pregnant woman is for her to eat a variety of nutritious foods. Sharing in her diet would be helpful in having your pregnant wife maintain it. Focus on eating vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products and meat. This can even go beyond the pregnancy and actually become a habit. Eating healthy is good for your body and your growing children may learn to adopt nutritious eating habits from you.

Smoking and alcohol have been both proven to have detrimental effects for children in the womb. If your wife is addicted to either, help her to quit as soon as possible. Also, second-hand smoke is also a great danger. Keep away from the smokes or quit altogether. This goes the same for alcohol; it's never wise to tempt your wife by drinking while she can't. As for unnecessary drug use, try to ask a doctor first before using any over-the-counter drugs to make sure no negative side-effects can result from it.

You should also take note of your wife's moodswings. Try helping her deal with her temperamental nature during her pregnancy. Be understanding. When she's depressed, cheer her up. When she's angry, calm her down. When she's insecure, have long talks with her to reassure her that you love her and your unborn child. Assisting your wife through these trying times is one of your primary duties as a husband.

2) Physical Activity

Exercise is another way for a husband to help his pregnant spouse. It can be fun and stress relieving. Remember to check with her doctor about an exercise regimen before beginning. Choose exercise that are not too strenuous or dangerous. Taking long walks with her would be an excellent choice; the scenery would relax her and your companionship would do wonders for her your relationship.

Also, helping with the housework is a great way to help your pregnant wife. Try doing the chores that involve heavy lifting or strenuous work. Have her skip any household job that requires the use of aerosols or products with strong fumes, like cleaning the bathroom or painting. Taking care of the family pet should also be your job. Quite a few animal-related sicknesses are a threat to your pregnant wife and unborn child's safety.

3) Preparing for Child Birth:

Taking childbirth preparation classes can hep you get ready for the big event. It also gives you the opportunity to discuss pregnancy with other pregnant couples in a less stressful environment than a doctor's office. Meeting other expecting couples also gives you the chance to swap stories and share the joys of the pregnancy.

Childbirth classes operate on the belief that the more you know about the pregnancy process, the less anxious you'd feel and the more you'd feel that you and your wife are in control.

There are three types of childbirth preparation classes. The Lamaze method is probably the most popular: it concentrates on helping to ease the pain of childbirth through breathing exercises and by educating the expecting couple. The Bradley method focuses more on educating the couple and giving the husband a more active part in the birthing process. The Leboyer method's primary interest is in the unborn child itself; trying to make it more comfortable for the baby both inside and outside the womb.

Whatever method you choose, the classes usually last from five to nine weeks. Check with your doctor or the local hospital on what classes are offered. No matter what method you and your wife choose, they all help your pregnant wife, and yourself, greatly with dealing with the pregnancy.

4) Take Care Of Yourself, Too:

Focusing on your wife is important, but try to take care of yourself, too. It wouldn't do for your wife to see you as a nervous wreck. Pay attention to your own moods, needs and worries. Talking with your pregnant wife about your concerns can ease some of that worry. Discussion with your wife can help ease the stress and assist you both in weathering the ups and downs of the pregnancy.

Hopefully, these simple pointers help you on your trip towards fatherhood and help you and your wife to experience and appreciate the joys of pregnant life more.

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