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Exercise and Pregnancy Be a Fit and Healthy Mom

Julie Gardner

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For some of us, we need to be motivated to exercise. When you think of exercise and pregnancy (especially if you are in the throes of pregnancy) it could make you cringe.

When you're pregnant, keeping fit might be the last thing on your mind. In the first 3 months you may be suffering from morning sickness, evening sickness, or all day sickness. You could experience cramping, breast tenderness, and little aches and pains in all sorts of places.

In months 4 to 6, even though you may be feeling better, you may be wary of doing exercises during pregnancy in case you harm your baby.

And by months 7 to 9, you feel slow and sluggish and don't have the energy to get out of bed in the morning, let alone consider some sort of pregnancy exercise program.

Now think of your body! When you're pregnant your body will of course change shape (without a doubt!) You will more than likely put on weight. For some newly pregnant women just the thought of this will give them nightmares. Then what about after the birth of your baby, what are the chances of you regaining your pre-pregnancy figure and losing that extra ‘baby weight'?

Now let's look at things in a different light. Exercise and pregnancy - A great combination. The benefit of exercise during pregnancy may be more than you think. It can help with niggley pregnancy symptoms like we mentioned in the first 3 months. It will keep your muscles toned and fit, it can actually help to keep your energy levels up! And above all it can help you to achieve an easier and speedier birth.

With exercise and pregnancy together, you are keeping your muscles active. You are keeping your body supple. You are also keeping your heart and lungs healthy. All of this will add up to your body being used more effectively during the birth of your baby.

There are some exercises for pregnancy that also concentrate on breathing, and some that help to keep your mind focused - again a great combination for child birth, because no matter how much your partner and best friends may tell you. . . It's certainly not like shelling peas!

There are many forms of exercise that are safe to do during pregnancy. Others can be modified during the months of pregnancy to keep them safe for you and your baby. When we talk about exercise and pregnancy, it doesn't mean you have to run a marathon, or cycle for miles on end. It's more about keeping active.

If you exercise during pregnancy, you are giving yourself a much greater chance of getting back into shape once your little one has arrived. Although you will need some time for your body to heal after the birth, getting back into an exercise regime after 2 to 6 weeks is certainly better than after the whole 9 months.

To see more on the benefits of exercise during pregnancy, and a few ways of keeping fit, join me Julie, at: Exercise during pregnancy .

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