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Natural Gender Selection The Secrets Out!

Julie Gardner

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It's like picking out wine in the supermarket - Red or White. It could be like filling your car up at the gas station, Diesel or petrol. Like picking your first pet, puppy or kitten.

So what's your choice - Boy or girl.

Is it really that easy to pick the gender of your baby. Until recently maybe not. For years doctors and clinics have put women's bodies through invasive procedures and charged thousands for doing so. You would have felt like a monster as your body was pumped full of drugs and synthetic hormones to make you more fertile. Another procedure would collect what viable eggs you have.

At the end of this cycle a small, but again invasive operation would implant an embryo into your uterus, and then you would have an agonizing wait to find out if you were even pregnant, let alone pregnant with a boy or a girl.

Some mothers are so desperate for a child of a certain gender, that they will stop at nothing to be given their little prince or princess. Thousands of pounds would exchange hands, with only a 35% chance of pregnancy occurring at all.

So what's the big gender selection secret?

Many years ago a Doctor Landrum B Shettles had an idea. Sperm was split into 2 different categories, male and female. Both having totally different characteristics. One was bigger and slower, but would live for longer. The other was smaller and faster, but has far less stamina.

He realised that if ovulation could be predicted and intercourse was timed correctly, there are ways to tip the scales in favour of either a boy or a girl. From this the Shettles method was born.

Following on from this method, came the ‘others', everyone started to jump on the bandwagon. The Chinese gender selection calendar became huge and widely available, although the results were varied.

Preconception diets went wild. Women were eating anything and everything to select the gender of there baby. Potassium and sodium for a boy, and calcium and magnesium for a girl.

The PH balance method meant that women were douching with either acid or alkaline solutions to alter the PH levels in their vagina. Acidic favours a girl, alkaline for a boy.

So how do you know which methods will work? Well to put it bluntly - you don't. Do you fancy sifting through the mountains of information available today?

Yet there are women out there that are naturally selecting the gender of their children. Giving birth to healthy happy babies to complete their families. A princess for Daddy, A beautiful son to carry on the family name. . . So how do they do it?

They go to a place where the research is already done, where information has been compiled and sorted. Results have been recorded and calculated. Those results were 94.8% successful! That's higher than most expensive medical gender selection methods.

So what's the secret? Click Here to find out.

To see more about natural gender selection methods, Click here .


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