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Trying to Conceive a Girl? Why Vaginal PH Levels and Acidity Are So Important


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There are many factors to consider when trying to conceive a baby girl and all work together to create an environment that is friendly to the X (female) sperm and a bit more discouraging to the Y (male) sperm. Of those, I would argue that achieving the optimal PH level for a girl baby is among the most important. Here's why:

Gender Selection In A Nutshell: The Y (baby boy) sperm are smaller and weaker, but move much faster toward the fertilized egg. The X (baby girl) sperm are bigger and stronger, but also slower. They can survive for a much longer period of time.

Ovulation Timing For Baby Girls: Predicting ovulation with extreme accuracy is important here because theoretically, if you try to conceive very close to ovulation, the boy sperm have a bit of the edge since they are faster and will reach the egg first. But, if you widen this time frame a few days earlier, you will up the odds of having a girl because the weaker y sperm will die off before the egg is released, leaving the stronger, longer surviving Y sperm in greater numbers.

This all sounds great in theory, but there's a bit of overlap because very few women can predict ovulation to the day, much less to the hour. (Although I very strongly believe that saliva ovulation prediction is the most reliable way to do this. )

Optimal PH / Acidity For A Daughter: And here is where the vaginal PH comes into play and why it is so vitally important. An acidic PH will give the X sperm (girls) a distinct edge since the environment will be too harsh for the Y (boy) sperm. You want to create an acidic PH to conceive a girl baby.

And, when conceiving during a window of ovulation can be such a fast moving, and difficult target, the vaginal acidity and PH is what evens out that playing field when the conception / timing was not quite as optimal as it should have been.

It's very important to know your PH prior to trying to conceive (easily achieved with testing strips). Then, you must be able to manipulate the PH / acidity and test again to make sure you are in the desired zone prior to conception.

How can you do this? Via a few methods. The most widely acceptable and effective is douching with a specific formula prior to intercourse (based on where you were as indicated by the testing, and where you need to be to obtain the gender you want). Gender clinics sell these douches for well over $400, but there are variations that you can make at home. (That go beyond baking soda or vinegar mixed with water, which is often ineffective. )

Some people, for whatever reason, are opposed to douching. In those cases, eating certain and specific foods can alter PH as well.

I would highly caution against supplements like Lydia Pinkham's Herbal Compound since it contains ingredients like black cohosh which can effect estrogen levels. (Obviously, this can be detrimental to regular, predictable ovulation when trying to conceive. ) I would steer clear of anything that contains ingredients that effect the sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone or testosterone. ) Examples are soy, black cohosh, large doses of flax seed, evening primrose oil, protein, etc. )

Finally, a woman's orgasm can effect the vaginal PH as well. (Having one creates an alkaline environment that is more favorable to boys. )

And, different intercourse positions place the sperm at different distances from the cervix and further away from or closer to the PH that you have created or already have. (Shallow penetration is recommended for a girl, to allow a longer, more difficult trip for the weaker boy sperm).

Conceive A Girl is a website that offers hints, tips, and natural, inexpensive methods for couples wishing to conceive a baby girl, as well as a resource for the $400 gender clinic douche recipe. Visit us at


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Tips For Couples Trying to Conceive a Girl
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