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Timing Ovulation to Conceive a Boy


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If you want to have a baby boy, there are a few natural ways that you can manipulate the timing and position of intercourse and vaginal PH during conception that can greatly increase your chances of having a son.

Of these variables, timing conception to correspond with the woman's ovulation can be one of the most important pieces of this puzzle. Here's why:

Y (Boy) Sperm Are Faster, But Weaker Than X (Girl): During conception, a man's sperm contains an equal amount of chromosomes that after conception can produce either a male and female baby. If a Y chromosome sperm fertilizes the egg first, the conception will result in a baby boy. If it's instead an X, the result will be a baby girl.

Since the sperm contain both X and Y chromosomes, couples have a random chance of conceiving either sex going in. However, you can manipulate different variables, based on what we know about the different characteristics of each.

For example, the Y (boy sperm) are very fast swimmers and will generally make it to the egg first. The catch though is that they are much more fragile and die off faster. The X (girl) are extremely hard and can survive for a longer period of time in a harsher environment.

Timing Of Ovulation For A Boy: That's why in order to have a son, you should conceive as close to possible on the day of ovulation. The most optimal time is on the day of. If you conceive well before ovulation, you would increase your chances of having a girl because this would give the hardier X sperm the advantage since they can survive long enough to wait for the egg while the Y can not.

There are all kinds of methods that women use to track their ovulation, including cervical mucus, the position and feel or the cervix, and ovulation predictor kits. In my opinion, the methods that rely upon cervical inspection are just too subjective or individual to be accurate enough. Ovulation predictor kits are more accurate, but I find the salvia tests to be much more accurate than their urine counterparts. This accuracy is extremely important since the boy sperm die off very quickly and optimally need to be waiting once the egg is released.

Other Variables For Having A Boy Baby (Vaginal PH, Intercourse Positioning): Of course, ovulation timing this is only one of several variables. You'll also need to create a vaginal PH / environment that is conducive to producing a son. An environment that is too acidic favors girls much more as they are hardier enough to survive this. You need to make your PH more alkaline either by douching with specific formulas (not just baking soda and water) and / or consuming and avoiding certain foods. Gender selection clinics charge hundreds of dollars for these douches, but there are recipes that allow you to make them at home. (If you are opposed to douching, you can change your vaginal acidity using foods, but you'll have to be much more diligent about it. )

I highly recommend testing your PH with testing strips so that you'll know exactly where you fall. Highly acidic women sometimes have a greater challenge conceiving boys. Knowing your acidity going in is extremely helpful because you will then know how much adjustment you'll need and you'll also know when you've achieved the “boy zone. "

It's also recommended that you conceive using intercourse positions that deposit the sperm as close to the cervix as possible. This gives the Y sperm less distance to travel and helps them reach the egg before they begin to die off. It's also recommended that the woman have an orgasm for male conception (but not for a girl) as doing so will make the environment more alkaline and less acidic.

I've recorded my personal conception story on my blog “Conceive A Boy. " I've also included tips, hints, and resources to help couples who wish to conceive a son using natural and inexpensive methods. You can check it out at


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