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The Importance of Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy

Kim Beckers

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Throughout your pregnancy you are going to experience a number of aches and pains. While Doctors and midwives used to disregard these as normal pains of pregnancy in our days they know better and that is why they recommend you eat a well balanced diet throughout your pregnancy. In this article I will show you just a few examples of how having proper nutrition during pregnancy can help you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

For instance, having problems with teeth and gums is a frequent problem you may experience. In order to avoid this you need to insure that you have enough calcium and vitamin C in your diet. You can easily get the added calcium and vitamin C from a piece of cheese, nuts or even a piece of sugar free gum.

Another common aliment during pregnancy is dizziness or lightheadedness; this can be increased when meals are too far apart. This is why it is essential to eat several small meals throughout the day as opposed to three large meals. You will also want to eat as healthy as possible and refrain from junk food whenever possible as to avoid the dreaded sugar rush.

Yet another complaint during pregnancy is swelling. For the most part a certain amount of swelling is common severe swelling could be a sign of preeclampsia. Actually, swelling is common that over seventy five percent of all pregnant women experience will actually experience swelling to some degree. Swelling during pregnancy is mostly commonly caused by water retention. You can avoid unnecessary water retention by refraining from eating salty foods and drinking lots of water.

Although some of us may be blessed with vibrant and shiny hair during our pregnancy it is rather common for our hair to fall out or become brittle. This is mostly caused by deficiencies in vitamins A, B and C therefore it is imperative that you have proper nutrition during your pregnancy that includes eating healthy and taking vitamins.

Remember proper nutrition during pregnancy doesn't have to be difficult or complicated just follow some simple guidelines and your baby will have a happy and healthy pregnancy. After all when you eat healthy during your pregnancy so does your baby.

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A Simple Approach to Proper Nutrition
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