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Very Early Pregnancy Signs Watch For These!


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The most obvious sign of early pregnancy is the absence of a woman's menstrual cycle. Sometimes the signs of pregnancy will show up even before she misses her monthly period. Not everyone will experience these symptoms at the same time.

A change in vaginal secretions due to hormonal changes will cause a different type of discharge than normal. This is harmless and not caused by infection, though infections can be more common in pregnancy. Most women liken the early discharge of pregnancy to the texture of lotion. It will most likely remain until you give birth.

Morning sickness usually occurs sometime in the first trimester. While some women don't feel the nausea until the second month of pregnancy, some do have morning sickness within just a couple of weeks of conception. “Morning sickness" is not confined to morning, either by the way. Many women have experience nausea and vomiting at all hours of the day and night.

Fatigue and dizziness are two other signs of pregnancy that happen early on. When a woman becomes pregnant, her hormones change and her body gets busy preparing to nurture a growing baby. This can tire a woman out even when she is unaware of working any harder. Dizziness can occur because of hormonal changes as well. When you feel dizzy, it is important to sit down. If you faint, you will not be in control of where you fall.

Mood swings are caused by hormone level changes, too. You may find that you cry more often or can go from being in a positive mood to wanting to yell at everyone in your path. This isn't an excuse for such behavior, but it is a reason.

The areolas around the nipples of your breasts will darken and bumps will appear where there were none before. This again is caused by hormonal shifts. When you go in to see the doctor, he or she will check your breasts for this obvious sign of pregnancy.

Heartburn is another symptom that may start during your first trimester. In the beginning it is caused by hormones and can be treated with Tums. Don't take other medications without discussing them with your doctor as some heartburn medications should not be used during pregnancy.

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