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Signs and Symptoms of Labor You Must Know

Yvonne Hanson

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No one can predict accurately when you will go into labor. It can sometimes be difficult to determine if labor has truly begun. As an expecting mom it is wise to recognize what are the common symptoms due labor so you can well prepared.

The one that is the surest sign of labor is labor contraction and it is different from Braxton-Hicks contraction. You will experience it regularly with constant interval. It will last at least one minute and have been occurring for every five minutes for the last hour. It is a sign that you must aware near to your labor date.

Some women may experience more discharge in the days leading up to labor. Normally thick and whitish and the discharge may changes to thin and watery. This could indicate a leak in the bag of waters which surrounding the baby. If the discharge is thick and white or thick and colorless, you should not worry. This is normal discharge.

A woman's labor is often portrayed with her water breaking at an inopportune time and place, followed by the speedy delivery of her baby. When the amniotic sac ruptures, a woman may experience a gush of fluid, or a slow, steady trickle, depending on her position as well as the baby's. Amniotic fluid is clear and odorless, though it may be slightly tinged with blood. Be sure to take note of the color of the fluid, and call your doctor or midwife immediately.

You may experience strong nesting instinct. You will feel more energy to prepare, cleaning and decorating for your coming baby. However try not getting too tired, as you need the energy to perform labor.

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Yvonne Hanson is a mother and professional adviser, specialized on parenting area. She enjoys helping parents to raise their children, starting from the pregnancy period by giving valuable information.


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