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Intercourse Positions to Aid in Conception and Gender Selection

Dr Eric Daiter

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Making a baby is supposed to be fun, right? For millions of couples each year, however, this becomes an arduous task fraught with anticipation, disappointment, and hard to avoid stress. Stress in the mind leads to adverse conditions, especially in a woman's body, and is to be avoided. But how can you avoid stress when sex has become a full-time job, a calendar watching, temperature-taking sojourn for a conception-minded couple? Maybe try mixing it up a little. Perhaps a little hiatus from having a baby one-mindedness could help. A little diversionary route into gender selection techniques might just be the change of focus that is needed to get things headed in the right direction and make conception a reality. The following discussion is very controversial as it is not based on high quality scientific research, but is presented as it is often a focus of discussion.

Conception chances increase by making sure that the man's sperm is deposited as closely as possible to the woman's cervix, so positions allowing for maximum depth of penetration are most advantageous. Remember gravity can be your friend when attempting conception, so “woman on top" positioning is not the best for conception due to the necessary upward travel of the sperm. The objective is to make sure all of the male's sperm has its best chance to reach the cervix, so gravitationally challenged positioning could allow an excessively unnecessary amount of the sperm to leak out. A position that fits this criteria and, according to a method developed by Landrum B. Shettles will help have a male offspring, is the rear entry or “doggie" position. Allowing the sperm to be deposited nearest the cervix gives the best chance for shorter living Y-chromosome, male producing sperm to fertilize an egg. Shettles also advises to have *** intercourse as near to ovulation as possible so don't put those basal body temperature charts away! Allowing Y chromosome sperm this smaller distance to travel increases the chance for its survival. A female orgasm is also advisable to increase Y chromosome-favorable alkaline secretions within the vagina. For chances resultant in a female offspring to be increased, Shettles recommends having *** intercourse in the missionary position (man on top), but with shallow penetration. This idea is motivated by the X chromosome's (girl sperm) ability to live longer than the male sperm. To promote female egg fertilization, Shettles recommends that intercourse happen several days before ovulation in order to give these long living, girl producing sperm a better chance of outlasting the Y chromosome sperm and reaching the egg.

Most couples having trouble conceiving will of course be happy with any gender offspring, but perhaps a little change of focus might be the variety necessary to achieve success. As always, ask your doctor for more tips and hints, and remember to enjoy these attempts, relieve some stress, and conception just might be easier!

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