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Is Caffeine Safe During Pregnancy?

Nedalee Ruiz

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Excess of caffeine is bad for anyone, but what about a little caffeine for a woman who is pregnant? This is a topic that has been much speculated and debated, but what is the answer? Many obstetricians advise women to abstain from caffeine all together in the first trimester of pregnancy, and to limit caffeine for the rest of the pregnancy as much as possible. Why limit, because researchers have concluded that the use of caffeine during pregnancy may doubly increase the risk of miscarriage!

Until recent times, studies had shown no solid fact that caffeine can cause tremendous harm to your fetus, and once took the stance that the 8-10 milligrams in coffee or soda isn't harmful, but women should still limit their intake of coffee, and they felt that until our studies have been further solidified, woman shouldn't take the risk with their un-born child. After a recent large and in-depth study that was preformed on 1,063 mothers, most obstetricians have now changed their stances. After studying these pregnancies, the turn out of miscarriages was not surprising in the mothers who actually used caffeine during the first trimester of pregnancy. 12.5 percent of the women had a miscarriage without drinking caffeine, while a much larger 24.5 percent of the women had a miscarriage who did intake caffeine.

Having this new evidence on hand, many of obstetricians and research centers have begun changing their outgoing information of caffeine intake during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should be aware of all potential dangers and risks in pregnancy so that they are able to steer clear of them so they can ensure a healthy and risk free as possible pregnancy. Pregnant women should not only steer clear of risks, but should also be extra careful about their health care and nutrition.

Pregnancy requires proper rest, eating the proper amount of calories a day, mild exercise, and taking pre-natal vitamins. There are many extra steps that can be taken to go one step further in ensuring a healthy pregnancy, such as pregnancy yoga, which can reduce stress and help to keep your body in better shape for delivery and post-partum. Another health plus is switching from tap, or regular filtered water, to ionized alkaline water. Alkaline water helps oxygen reach your blood cells faster, which helps to keep you energized, burn unnecessary calories and it helps to detoxify your system. Taking the pre-natal vitamins will ensure that your baby is getting the proper nutrients necessary for brain development and other forms of development and growth, as well as offering both mom and baby necessary nutrients they may not be in taking from their diet.

By Nedalee Ruiz
Nedalee is the author of The Desperate Parents Handbook
To find out more about Ionized water, Nedalee recommends

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