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Can You Get Pregnant While You Have A Yeast Infection


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Women who are suffering from yeast infections wonder if they can get pregnant. Can this disease affect your chances of conception? Obviously, not. There are no medical studies that indicate that it can. The fungus that is responsible for yeast infection is known as Candida albicans. It cannot kill sperm or affect the fertility of the eggs.

However, you need to get proper treatment should you plan to expect a child. So, why should you get treatment for yeast infection before getting pregnant even though the disease is not life threatening?

When you have a *** intercourse with your spouse whether you plan to have a child or not, the chances of transmitting the infection to your loved ones are high. Without any treatment, both of you will pass the disease to each other which will accelerate the infection. Moreover, with this condition, you tend to experience many discomforts. One of the symptoms is the pain you feel during the intercourse.

If you have regular sex, your infected area will take a longer time to heal. In addition, the irritation will increase. Usually your doctor will advise to stop all your *** activity until you are fully recovered. This is to prevent the infection from spreading too rapidly.

Yeast infections are harder to treat during pregnancy. If you left it untreated, then you will find that your options of treatment are limited. This is because many doctors don't want to take the risk on the fetus with medications. So, before you plan to conceive, make sure you are fully treated.

Preparing to have a baby is an important decision. Make sure that you seek proper treatment for yeast infection. Once you are certified to have a normal level of Candida albicans, then you can decide to have babies.

The question of “Can you get pregnant while you have a yeast infection" should not be a reason why you should not have a baby. If you suspect that you have this fungal infection, then see a doctor for a correct diagnosis. Your doctor will take a sample from your vaginal discharge for examination. Through the microscope, you can be determined if you have infection. There is no need for the sample to be analyzed in a lab.

If you have yeast infection while pregnant, then you understand that you have very little choices of remedy. Usually, doctors don't want to give any treatment to the pregnant woman that might be a problem for the fetus. Therefore, you need to find alternative solution for candidiasis during pregnancy. Visit to get more information on what can you take to cure a yeast infection while pregnant .


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