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Mysterious Myths About Abortion

Francis K Githinji

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There are numerous misconceptions and myths about abortion and why they happen. The practice cuts across all the age, racial, religious, social economic and political divides. It is a sad myth that abortion is being used as a birth control method by many women today. However, a majority of women who contract an abortion confess of having used a contraceptive in the month that conception occurred. Many had used their contraception inappropriately while others conceived as a result of neglect or forgetfulness in using contraceptives. Others confidently used a contraceptive but it did not work, it failed to serve the purpose. No one contraceptive is 100% pregnancy proof. Were they to be primary birth control methods, then three pregnancies in year would be possible for any typical woman.

Women carry out abortions for frivolous or selfish reasons. The motive of carrying out an abortion is not simple hence this is just one of the many myths about abortion. There are various factors that women use to base and justify their decision to carry out an abortion. One of them being the hindrance posed by other responsibilities that are already exhibiting, lack of finances and unpreparedness to start a family. Many women have a desire to wait until the environment is really conducive for childbearing. That time when they are financially stable to cater for a child. They want to wait until they are in a relationship with a supportive partner with whom to bear children and share the responsibility. However, some women develop serious medical complications during pregnancy. However much they wanted to keep it, the fetus had serious deformities and the pregnancy had to be terminated.

Some myths about abortions are outrageous. That women are mostly forced into carrying out abortions they feel they do not want. Among the many reasons women give for choosing to abort is pressure put on her by a partner or a husband. But this is just one percent of the many women who terminate their pregnancies every year. Fear of social stigmatization makes many women who conceive out of wedlock to abort their fetus. They are usually pressured to terminate the pregnancy through an abortion by family members and friends. Mitigation measures have been taken with the introduction of pre-abortion counseling. It determines whether a person is comfortable with the decision she has made. More time is allocated to her if she is still uncertain about that final and damning decision.

It is a mere myth that actually women live to regret why they aborted a fetus. Studies reveal that after an abortion relief is written all over a woman. Actually distress is highest before an abortion instead of after the abortion. Hence the statement can be discarded as one among the many myths about abortion. A dark cloud that was hovering over her head has just been removed. Post-abortion is a moment of psychological and physical relief for any woman who was being distressed by the pregnancy. However, some women undoubtedly in their hindsight wish things were different. Many years down the line, they are still not happy with the decisions they made. They are plagued by that experience of grief and loss. The decision gave them a temporary relief but left them with a permanent sorrow.

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