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Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period?


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The debate on whether you can get pregnant on your period has been on for decades. People have varied opinions about the issue. But the ground reality is that the situation can not be generalized. Every woman's body has a different metabolism despite a generalized process of menstruation. Therefore, yes you can surely get pregnant if you have unprotected sex during your period.

The chances of a woman getting pregnant during her period are low. However they increase manifold soon after the period is over. As such, there is no particular time period during the complete menstrual cycle that can be said to be safe to have unprotected sex.

To understand it all better, you first need to go through the whole ovulation process. During every menstrual cycle an egg is released form the woman's ovary. If this egg gets fertilized by a sperm a pregnancy is established otherwise it is ejected from the uterine during the period.

When a woman has her period, the egg is in the process of wasting out of the body therefore the chances of fertilization of the same are minimal. However, soon after the period is over, a new egg is released and therefore the chances of a pregnancy getting established are quite high.

Since the menstrual cycle of each woman is different in terms of date and duration, a conclusive result can not be formed but, if your menstrual cycle is very short then you can very well get pregnant even after sex during period.

Moreover, the sperm have the tendency to survive in a woman's body. So, if they are deposited during the period, they may stay back in the body and fertilize with the ovum as and when the condition is right.

The best way to judge the establishment of pregnancy is to take a home pregnancy test. You can also go for a blood pregnancy test. You can easily get an Early Detect Pregnancy Home Test Kit and find out about your pregnancy in minutes.

Since there is no confirmed opinion about non-development of pregnancy during period, it is always better to use some contraception. It is the best and sure way to ensure that you do not get pregnant after having sex.

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