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The Best Diet After The Pregnancy - Lose Weight After The Pregnancy

Ivana Bosnjak

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There are three things I tried before I managed to lose pre pregnancy weight. In the end the best diet that worked for me, to lose after pregnancy weight was carb rotation diet. But let me tell you other ways I managed to lose few pounds here in there.

The first one was that I reduced junk snacking intake and replaced it with healthy snacking. I did lose some weight, but it was not enough. I also incorporated some light exercise and that helped me firm up my body a little more.

Than I started some free diets I could find. The first one was total starving diet and I did managed to lose weight and gained it all back faster with the extra few pounds. I was so mad! One thing I did not know at the time is that when you starve, you actually slow down your metabolism and when you go back to eating regularly you actually gain more pounds because of your metabolism is still in slow burning calorie motion.

The second diet was not completely starving diet except for every 4th day. It was a diet called UN diet, (I know funny name) but basically you separate the food you eat. With that diet I stuck to it for 27 days but on the 28th all you can do is drink and not eat. I had a killer headache and I stopped. After a lot of hard work and losing around 15 pounds, I gained it again all back. Uh. . . .

So in the end, the one that did work was carb rotation diet . This was the diet without starving and diet that thought me a lot about nutrition and the food to eat that actually burns more calories. The problem often is that if we want to lose the weight we go for low fat food, but not all fat food is really low fat. With carb rotation diet, I learned a lot more about the food I need to avoid. And with this diet, I managed to lose after pregnancy weight.

Finding the best diet after the pregnancy is not easy, I personally tried few, until I found the one that worked for me!


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Pregnancy Weight Gain Why Do Women Retain Weight After Pregnancy?
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