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Diabetes and Pregnancy - How to Prevent Problems


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Diabetes and pregnancy can be a dangerous combination for a woman that is not taking the proper steps to preventing problems. If you have diabetes and want to have a baby, it is best to try to plan your pregnancy with your doctor. Proper planning can help you have a healthy baby and assure that you won't have any problems either. Your doctor can confirm when the time is right for you to get pregnant, or may advise against it altogether because of dangers to you or your baby.

If you are pregnant and diabetic, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and constantly monitor your blood sugar levels. When a baby's vital organs are developing, their body is dependent upon the insulin your body develops. If your levels are too high, it can have a direct impact on birth defects to the baby's vital organs such as the brain and heart. Not properly maintaining blood sugar levels when you are pregnant can lead to stillborn babies, miscarriage, early birth, or even an over-sized baby. It is common for a baby to be oversized with a diabetic pregnancy because the baby stores the excess sugar as fat and grows rapidly. An oversized baby may require that the birth be a cesarean section.

Mothers can be susceptible to serious problems carrying a baby when they have diabetes also. Some of the many problems can lead to stroke and seizures.

There are many things a diabetic mother can do to take care of a baby during pregnancy. The most important thing is to monitor her blood sugar level very closely and be strict about her diet. Work with your doctor and plan a diet that is just right for you and your baby. Walking is great exercise when you're pregnant. Have routine check ups with your doctor and ensure everything is going just right. Staying on top of the pregnancy with a doctor will help you find any problems early that might be treatable.

Pregnancy and diabetes can be dangerous if not monitored closely. Having a healthy baby and a healthy mother are the most important goal.

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Steps To Prevent Diabetes
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