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Pregnancy and Fertility - Blocks to Fertility? A Block You Might Want To Remove to Enhance Fertility

Deirdre Morris

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Pregnancy and fertility are more complex that we realise.

It is estimated that 95% of our thoughts and beliefs are out of our conscious awareness. Therefore, 95% of our thoughts around pregnancy and fertility are unconscious too.

We tend to notice our beliefs when in the presence of those who have different beliefs.

This explains why when we visit a foreign country we often find bizarre customs that they take for granted.

Indeed, we can see this when we visit other homes where there might be slightly different habits around communication, privacy, eating etc.

We don't notice them in our own home because everybody is sharing the same pattern and they are unconscious.

However, unconscious beliefs and patterns effect far more that eating or communicating behaviours. They have an impact on fertility too.

We know from therapies such as Family Constellations that there are many hidden patterns in families that are not at all obvious to the untrained eye.

And what might appear to be random occurrences can be understood easily when you look at the family over several generations.

Infertility in you Family Line

When looking at infertility or issues around fertility, it can be useful to see it from the perspective of your family line rather than something you and your partner are experiencing now.

For example, to get a deeper insight into patterns in your own line, you can begin by finding out whether miscarriage, stillbirth, or fertility issues are something your mother, aunts, grandmother, gran-aunts, great-grandmother etc. (as far back as you can establish) have experienced. In is important to look beyond your own mother.

There may be unconscious patterns you are following with regard to your fertility. However unbelievable it may sound, you could be repeating patterns of the women who have come before you.

And because miscarriage and fertility are not talked about openly sometimes this information is not known consciously.

Finding Out About Fertility In Your Family Line

Take the time to ask your mother and grandmother (if possible) about miscarriage and fertility challenges in your family line. You may be surprised find far more than you thought.

For more insight into the patterns of fertility in your family additional expertise is required.

These patterns can easily be untangled with coaching and can support you greatly in your journey into a fulfilling relationship with your fertility and pregnancy.

Deirdre Morris would like to invite you to her blog for more information on coaching and teleseminars on Inspired Fertility and Pregnancy.


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