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Trying to Conceive? Optimize Your Chances of Success with These Tips


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If you're hoping to get pregnant, there are a few things you can do to optimize your chances. One of the first things you can do is eat right. More studies are showing a direct link between good nutrition and fertility. Cut down on the burgers, fries and sodas. Eat fresh, wholesome food. You may also want to start prenatal vitamins before you conceive.

Next, get to know your menstrual cycle. Did you know that you don't have the chance to get pregnant on every day of your cycle? Around the middle of your cycle, ovulation usually occurs. This is when the ovary releases the egg. If your cycle is normally 28 days long, ovulation will usually take place sometime between days 12-16. After ovulation, you won't have the chance to conceive again until your next cycle. There are ways to pinpoint your ovulation more precisely, for an optimized chance at conception. Stress, illness and travel may affect your ovulation cycle.

If money doesn't concern you, ovulation tests are available at the pharmacy. You'll find them alongside the pregnancy tests. Just follow the instructions, and they can help you pin down your exact ovulation day. If you're on a budget, you can pinpoint ovulation for free by tracking certain signs your body gives you as it is preparing to ovulate.

There are three things you can check to find out when you are ovulating. You can track these signs on paper, or find an online site to keep track of your information.

The first sign to track is your waking temperature. Take your temperature every morning before you get up. Write it down. Normal temps can vary from 97.0 to 99.0. Leading up to ovulation, your temperature will be up and down. At ovulation, your temperature rises at least 2 points above the last five days’ temps. After ovulation, it should stay above the highest of those last five temperatures. When your temperature drops again, your period is due. If you maintain a high temp for 18 days, it indicates possible pregnancy.

The next indicator is cervical mucous. After your period, you should notice a day or more of feeling dry. Then you may have a few days where you notice a whitish, creamy discharge. After that, you may feel watery and clear, and then the discharge will turn thick and stretchy, like eggwhite. This means you are about to ovulate. This discharge facilitates the sperm's journey to the egg. With a little practice, you'll be able to tell which is which just by checking the toilet paper after you wipe.

The third sign entails checking your cervix. Not every woman can do this, and some don't want to even if they can. The cervix is located at the top of the vagina. This is the opening to the uterus. During ovulation, the opening of the cervix will be open about a fingertip's width. At other times in your cycle, it is closed.

So, keeping track of these signs and eating right will help you conceive. If, after a year of using these methods correctly, you still haven't conceived, you may want to seek medical advice.

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