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How Can You Reduce Pregnancy Back Pain?


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Pregnancy is hardly a disease. For most women, it is a joyous occasion. Pregnancy, however, causes a woman's body to undergo both hormonal and structural changes. And many of these changes can play a role in pregnancy back pain.

Abdominal muscles, weak from stretched during pregnancy, do not support the back adequately and must be strengthened over time. Motherhood is very demanding on the back. Stooping over cribs, picking up infant car seats, and loading down your body with baby paraphernalia all can contribute to post pregnancy back pain.

It is likely that your doctor will suggest exercise for back pain during pregnancy. For instance, they may recommend exercises such as swimming, walking or prenatal yoga which have minimal impact on the back. However, you should stop the exercise immediately if you experience any discomfort or pain.

Breast-feeding can also be hard on your back, as you hunch over while feeding your infant. Feeding a hungry baby takes patience and good positioning. It is important not to slump or round your shoulders while breast-feeding. To avoid back pain, sit in a comfortable chair and support your baby with a pillow. Bring the baby to the breast and not the other way round. Try to maintain good posture during breast-feeding.

Another common issue that contributes to post pregnancy back pain is related to the carrying and lifting of the infant. Carrying the baby, particularly a large one, pulls your body forward. This results in rounded shoulders and upper back pain. In order to avoid this, you should always switch sides and positions while carrying the infant. Avoid carrying your baby on one hip as it throws your posture and back out of alignment. On the other hand, when you are lifting your baby out of a crib, you should tighten your stomach muscles and bend your knees a bit. This will reduces the stress on your lower back and upper back as well.

Thus, if you are contemplating of pregnancy in the near future, you should be well prepared for above issues that are likely to result in pregnancy back pain.

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