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Articles about or concerning Theme Parties, Holiday Parties, Birthday Parties, Party Planning, Luau, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Hosting Parties, Children Sleep Over Parties.
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Tailgate Party Games - A Fun Way to Wait for the Big Game

 Gail Leino (June 18, 2007)  Tailgate is the great American football season pastime, so it makes sense to spice it up with some Tailgate party games. So, what new can you do to entertain the team before the game? Whether you want your guests to test out their grey-matter or their physical skills, listed below are a couple of great ideas for Tailgate party games: “Tailgate Trivia” Tailgate Party Game A .. (Parties)

Hollywood Party Games - Tips for Celebrating Tinseltown

 Gail Leino (June 18, 2007)  Get this party for your budding Hollywood celebrities off to a good start with some Hollywood party games. There are many elements to any good party – atmosphere, food and guest list among them – but party games are by far the most fun. These Hollywood party games are sure to be crowd-pleasers: ‘Annnnd Cut!’ Hollywood Party Game Prior to the party, write down several .. (Parties)

Cabbage Patch Kids Party Games - Ideas for a Gorgeous Party

 Gail Leino (June 18, 2007)  Cabbage Patch Kids are still as fun as ever, so why not a party with your child’s friends, their special off-siders and lots of Cabbage Party Kids party games? Having a party with all their special friends will make things memorable for your child. So let’s figure out some Cabbage Patch kids party games that you can use: “Name That Kid” Cabbage Patch Kids Party .. (Parties)

Tinkerbell Party Games, Pixie Dust, Sweet Dreams and Great Ideas

 Gail Leino (June 18, 2007)  Fairytales can come true with these Tinkerbell party games. All it takes is some imagination and a lot of pixie dust and you will have a spectacular party! Pin the Star on the Wand Party Game This Tinkerbell party game is just what it sounds like, but with a fun twist. Before the party you%u2019ll have to draw a large wand on a poster, and cut out enough cardboard stars for each party .. (Parties)

Fireman Party Games - Join the Brigade With These Red Hot Party Ideas

 Gail Leino (June 18, 2007)  If your little one is fascinated by fire-trucks and fire-fighters, having a fireman party with games and all could be good idea for their next birthday. Here are a couple of fun fireman party games to get celebrations underway: ‘Siren On, Siren Off’ Fireman party game This fireman party game requires a pre-recorded siren sound, or else an adult willing to put their voice-box on .. (Parties)

Thomas the Train Party Games - All Aboard for Fun Party

 Gail Leino (June 18, 2007)  If your little conductor is having his favorite train over for his party, why not throw a few Thomas the train party games into the mix? With all those passengers coming aboard you’ll need some fun activities to keep them busy. Here are a couple of Thomas the Train party games to keep your young guests entertained. “Pass the Whistle” Thomas the Train party game This .. (Parties)

Mickey Mouse Party Games That Scream M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!!

 Gail Leino (June 18, 2007)  Get ready for a mouse infestationwith these Mickey Mouse party games to start the party. Instead of worrying about those mice scurrying around the kitchen looking for cake crumbs, make them stars for the day! Here are some Mickey Mouse party games to get you started: Mouseketeer Auditions If you don’t own a karaoke machine, you can borrow or rent one if you wish. Alternatively, .. (Parties)

Madagascar Party Games - Have Fun in the Jungle

 Gail Leino (June 18, 2007)  If your child likes Madagascar, why not throw a Madagascar party, games and all, for their next birthday? This is a party theme with so many ideas to go with; you will find something fun for everyone to do! Below are a couple of ideas for Madagascar party games to get you started. Let the animals loose and let’s have a zoo-rific time with these fun Madagascar party games. Pin the . (Parties)

School Party Games - Celebrate the Good Old Days With These Great Ideas

 Gail Leino (June 18, 2007)  School seems to be one of those things that you hate when you’re there, but you wish you could go back to once you’ve finished – so why not re-visit the fun of your childhood by having a ‘back to school’ themed party with school party games? Here are 2 ideas to start you off. Paper Plane Throwing Contest Throwing paper planes in class is something many of us got .. (Parties)

Dinosaur Party Games - Have a Roaring Good Time With These Ideas

 Gail Leino (June 18, 2007)  Whether you can hear the ruckus of a herd of dinosaurs, or just archaeologists getting ready for their next dig, dinosaur party games are a great addition to any dinosaur party. If you need some fun dinosaur party games to keep them from digging up the garden in search of dino bones, here are some ideas for you. Dino Egg Hunt Dinosaur Party Game This dinosaur party game is very easy to . (Parties)

Under the Sea Fishy Water Party Game Ideas to Make a Splash

 Gail Leino (June 18, 2007)  If your little mermaid is looking forward to her Under the Sea party here are a few ideas for splash-tastic Under the Sea party games. You can use these as a start for planning a great Under the Sea party. Giant Bubble Blowing Contest Under the Sea Party Game The first thing you will need to make is the magical bubble juice and the bubble wand. For the wand you’ll need a wire .. (Parties)

Oscar Party Ideas for Celebrating the Silver Screen

 Gail Leino (June 18, 2007)  Whether it’s Oscar time or not, it’s always a good time to have an Oscar party! Everyone loves the movies and there is no award show like the Academy Awards to see the glamour brigade turn out on the red carpet. Have a party and let everyone feel like a star for the night! The Oscars are the night everyone in tinsel town is dressed to the hilt, and you shouldn’t have .. (Parties)

Kids Party Ideas - Clowns, Games and Sweets Galore

 Gail Leino (June 18, 2007)  The perfect kids’ party has a lot of games, fun food and plenty of sweets. There are few things kids enjoy more than eating junk food, having a great time and running amok with their friends. Let them do just that for one day and they will go to bed happy, just like you want them to be on their birthday or other occasions. A good idea for a kids’ party is to have it outdoors . (Parties)

Golden Oldies Party Ideas to Relive the Good Old Days

 Gail Leino (June 18, 2007)  If you like the golden oldies theme, you’re probably an adult. It’s fun and easy to have a golden oldies celebration. Pick your era but don’t worry about mixing them up. Think back to the good old days when music was about lyrics and simple tunes, movies were romantic and funny, and the life was sweet and unhurried. You can have a swinging sixties party or just let .. (Parties)

100th Birthday Party Ideas to Celebrate a Life Well Lived with Friends and Family

 Gail Leino (June 18, 2007)  Wow! You know someone that has reached their 100th birthday! That’s definitely something worth celebrating. A hundred years is a long time and there are many interesting events and times that this person has seen or lived through. Look for ways to make the person remember, not how old he or she is, but how wonderful and rich their life experience has been and how they have .. (Parties)

Baby Shower Gift Ideas - Look For Practical Items

 Saurabh K Jain (June 14, 2007)  There is absolutely no dearth of choices as far as baby shower gift ideas are concerned. However, you need to base your decision on the practicality and usefulness of the baby shower gifts and you should make sure that the gifts selected by you would be useful to the parents-to-be as soon as the baby is born. Given below are a few common and time-tested baby shower gift ideas. Baby .. (Parties)

Survivor Theme Party - Don't Get Voted Off!

 Gail Leino (June 12, 2007)  The first major American reality TV show and one of the most profitable at the time, the Survivor series has always been popular. If you love reality TV shows and are a Survivor fan, this is the ultimate TV party to have. The contestants on the show are left on a remote island and have to do some nasty stuff as they compete for survival in the game. Why don’t you give your guests .. (Parties)

Hostess Gifts - Selecting A Gift That Will Garner Appreciation, Not Dust

 Julie Wilson (June 12, 2007)  It’s only good manners to bring something when you’re a guest in someone’s home. Manners and good breeding aside though, buying that gift, especially if you don’t know your host very well, can be daunting. Here are some tips to keep in mind in order to give a gift that will end up in use, not in the back of a dark cupboard. Purchase Something Your Host Wants or . (Parties)

21st Birthday - Time to Party Hard!

 Gail Leino (June 12, 2007)  So you’re turning 21. You’re an adult now. You could drive and marry and now you can do another adult thing – have a beer. It’s the beginning of a new phase in your life. No more fake IDs torn up by disbelieving bouncers or cynical bartenders. The party’s only just starting and you know it. A word of caution before you begin to plan your big day – make sure .. (Parties)

First Communion a Religious Celebration with Friends and Family

 Gail Leino (June 12, 2007)  The sacrosanct ceremony of the first communion is one of great importance to every young boy and girl of Roman Catholic heritage. While some Protestant and Lutheran denominations also follow this ritual, it is more prevalent and associated with the Roman Catholic Church, being celebrated with greater pomp and fervor by this group. The word is a layman’s term for the child’s .. (Parties)

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