The Best Halloween Invitation Ideas

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All Hallows’ Eve Invitation

So, we all remember what Halloween was when we were kids. The fantastic costume made by mom or dad, all the sweets in the world that you can ingest and the endless fun and games in the entire neighbourhood. Of course there were an incidents on two mainly concerning the highly flammable polyester costumes or some poisonous candy, but after all it's Halloween and things do get scary. Somehow the magic of this day slowly disappears when you become an adult.

Yes of course it's still fun and you still get to go around houses with your kid, if he wants you, but the excitement level is just not the same any more. Here is a bright idea to return that spark even for a while. Make an all adult party with gorgeous costumes and all the extras, the proper way.

And what better way to start the party then a mind blowing invitation. Of course nowadays it’s all done via the phone or the social networks, but just this one time it's not bad to go for the old fashioned mail invitation. So check out this ideas and see if you will use some of them for this year's event.

  1. Send evidence from a murder scene that will invite the guest to be either a witness, a suspect or a detective. A bloody list of paper, a broken tape recorder and some other potentially important evidences sent without a return address will just about do it. Your guest will definitely be indulged in the mystery and this will give the party a theme that everyone can participate in.

  2. How do you feel about disgusting things in the food? This can be the perfect invitation, just imagine a delivery guy knocking on your door with a takeaway Chinese food. It's all good you take it, open it and right there next to the spaghetti . A human finger.

    Nice one isn’t it, this can also be used for a theme at the party although some of the guests might just leave your place hungry.

  3. Of course maybe the most popular Halloween themes are the ones with vampires and zombies in them. So it would be nice to send around some boxes shaped like coffins or an invitation card in the shape of a grave stone.

    You can go even further with engraving the guests real dates of birth and their fictional dates of death to use for the party. Even knowing this is only a carton invitation it’s still a bit disturbing, but hey it’s Halloween no one knows what will happen when the monsters rise from their graves.

The result of a proper party like that will be a night to remember and maybe a morning that will reveal a big mess and a headache.

But after all this will just show that this Halloween has been a blast. So wipe up the make up, take a cold shower go out for a refreshing coffee to discuss last night and leave your home to professional carpet cleaners . They will take care for the mess and that way you will only remember an amazing party like never before.


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