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7 Steps to Organize a Great Party at Home

Adria Gildon

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7 tips for throwing a memorable themed party

Having a themed party may seem dorky at first, but that’s just because many people do not know how to do it correctly. Organizing a party is just like any other event, you need to have a good preparation and ideas in order to execute your plan and make your guests happy. Whether you have a baby shower, bachelor party or you just want to have a funky dressed people in your house, here are some tips for you:

Get an organising committee

Throwing an event on your own can be overwhelming sometimes, especially if you are expecting many guests to arrive. Get some help! Delegate, delegate, DELEGATE! Ask your friends or family to give you a hand in this idea and separate tasks for everyone. Maybe you have a friend with some good calligraphy skills? Ask this person to write the invitations. Another one is good in shopping and finding items in crowded stores? Send him/her on a shopping spree for the needed groceries or materials. The best part of having a team to help you is the fact that more minds have more ideas. This way you may get a suggestion you have not thought about until now.

Work up the theme

You are throwing a bachelorette party for your friend, but you are not sure what she will like? Or a traditional Halloween party seems a little bit dull for you? Find a theme that suits the likings of your group of friends. Maybe your soon-to-be-bride friend likes certain coloures or music style that you can incorporate? Or all of your friends are crazy for a trend that is happening right now (like the Pokemon Go or Killer-Clown hype)? Work your way around what you and your friends like to avoid the old boring themes and create a fun atmosphere.

Prepare the party place

Before welcoming your guests you must make sure the chosen space is ready for the party. Hide all the unnecessary and fragile items: it does not matter if you host teenagers or adults, things can break when there are many people at one place. Spilling drinks is another normal incident, so get the light carpets away, cover any light upholstery with blankets or paddings and prepare a bucket and a mop, just in case. You should also dust and wipe everything clean - nobody likes a dirty party place. Opt for a one-off cleaning service from a reliable cleaning company if you do not have the time to do it on your own. This will save you the hassle and comes at an affordable price.

Decoration and fun stuff

After creating a clean canvas, it is time for you to put some colour in it. Decoration is one of the things that creates the themed atmosphere, so don~t underestimate it. If you have a big space to decorate you can use big details, but do not forget to throw some little touches too. For example, if you are having a Halloween party you can easily cover some of the furniture with big, old, ragged sheets, that you sprayed with fake blood (and will catch any possible stains) and you can add details by putting some foam ball eyes in the punch. Another great idea is to make a photo booth corner: all you have to do is decorate a small space and put a tripod with camera in front of it. You will see the people taking action on their own and snapping pictures like there is no tomorrow.

Party poopers neutralizer

We all have those friends that show up without the appropriate themed costume or accessories and are “too cool for this”. This is why you will be prepared with a set of accessories at the entrance. Have some do-it-yourself masks or hats that are in the theme and give them to everybody who come dressed as “themselves”. Another thing you can do is prepare a little “party pooper punishment” and give them something fun, like bunny ears for the boys and moustaches for the girls. Tell this beforehand and you will see everyone arriving with the right costumes.

A set for the party animals

A good host is always prepared. Make sure you have more non-alcohol drinks than alcohol and a package of good black coffee. If you know a certain friend who can not control his/hers alcohol intake, get ready to water down the cocktails. It is better to have an unhappy sober friend, than a whiny drunk one. They will thank you later.

After party must haves

Remember that team we talked about at the beginning? They can be of a big help now too. After everyone had a good time and left, the time to restore the space to a normal living environment has come. It will be a good idea to prepare some cleaning solutions, mops and trash bags from before, so you are ready when the time comes. Picking trash while partying is also helpful so you do not have tons to do at the end. Or you can do what many people do: enjoy the party to the fullest and hire yourself an after party cleaning service . That way you will have fun times and will leave the hard work to the professionals.

Let the fun begin now!


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