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How To Behave On High Tea Party


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High tea party is a lovely practice of taking out time for buddies or family members and sharing things with them together with several types of teas and some sweet and savory snacks. If you are a hostess or host of such a party or a guest, it is useful to have an understanding of high tea party etiquettes, which are fascinating and offer an awareness as well.

Etiquette of Holding Teacup

The cups kept to enjoy the tea may be with or without handles. You have to learn the distinct fashion of holding both the categories of cup. At the time of holding a cup having a handle, you need to place your fingers and thumb over the front and back of the handle respectively. When you hold a cup without a handle, you need to place your thumb at the position of 6 in a clock and index and middle fingers on a 12 o’clock position and lightly lift the cup. Both these ways let you keep the cup steady and get rid of the risk of spilling of tea on yourself.

Another etiquette to adopt is not to move your teacup in air. When you are not bringing it into use, it has to be placed back in the tea saucer.

If you are in a sitting position while having tea, you must hold the tea saucer on your lap using the left hand and keep the teacup in right hand. If the cup is not to be used, you have to place it on the tea saucer and hold it. Only when you are having the tea while standing, it is permitted to raise the tea saucer together with your tea cup.

Etiquette of Using Teaspoons

Rules need to be implemented at the time of making use of teaspoons also. When you mix your tea, don’t twirl your teaspoon rapidly rotating fashion. Rather keep the teaspoon at the position of 6 o’clock and move it lightly in the direction of the position of 12 o’clock merely 2-3 times. At the time of having tea, don’t leave the spoon in the tea. Leave it on some other plate or ask the hostess, host or server to take it away from the table.

Way of Serving Tea

If you are the host of the high tea, you should execute the manners to provide the tea, which too are amusing. You can offer milk with tea, but you cannot present cream. This is due to the fact that as cream is very heavy it masks the taste of tea. Some people prefer to pour first milk in the cup. Nevertheless it is better to present firstly tea in the cup and afterwards add milk to it, so that you can make a correct mixture.

While having tea made from a teabag, remove it from the cup and place it in a wash bowl or on a side saucer. You must not utilize the teabag string to compress the teabag.

When you plan to give lemon with tea, provide it preferably in slices and not wedges. You can either give a small-sized fork or a lemon fork or can employ a tea server, who will serve a slice smartly in the saucer after he or she presents the tea in the cup. If you are giving lemon together with tea, milk should not be served, since lemon will curdle milk.

All these rules are often executed by us either being or not being aware. However when we learn that they are the genuine rules, it is amusing and then we can praise ourselves for executing them.

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