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Glow Bracelets: Can You Wear Them to Weddings?


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One of my friends is absolutely obsessed with light up jewelry. She owns a huge variety of glow bracelets, glow necklaces, glow rings, and even glow earrings. In a few months, my friend is going to be attending her cousin's wedding. The other day, she asked me if I thought it would appropriate for her to wear her glow bracelets to the wedding. My immediate thought was no, but when I thought about it some more, I realized that it really depends on whose wedding it is.

If the bride- and groom-to-be are easygoing and laidback, then I don't see it being a problem to wear glow bracelets or any other type of light up jewelry to the wedding. However, if the couple is on the more traditional side, then they might be quite upset to see their one of their guests wearing that type of jewelry. Perhaps the fact that glow jewelry is associated with nightclubs would make it unacceptable to them.

Another consideration to take is what kind of venue the wedding will be at. If the venue is fancy or traditional, then chances are that it will be considered strange and inappropriate to wear those kinds of accessories. Luckily, the wedding that my friend will be attending is more on a casual side, and the couple is very relaxed, so they probably won't mind if she wears a few glow bracelets. I told her to check with them beforehand though — just in case! It's a much better idea to simple ask them if it will be acceptable. Imagine how embarrassing it would be for her if she showed up in her glow jewelry and they asked her to take it off!

When my friend decides to get married, she wants to incorporate light up jewelry and accessories into the wedding. Specifically, she wants to wear about six glow bracelets on each arm, and she wants to use a glow necklace as part of her veil. She plans on hiring a glowsticking professional to perform a routine at the reception. The walls of the wedding hall will be decorated with glow sticks and other similar novelties. My only concern is what I should wear to her wedding! Since it will be so unique and untraditional, I don't think it will suffice to wear a simple cocktail dress. I'll have to come up with something fun and creative — with upstaging the bride, of course!


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