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How To Write Thank You PostCards


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How To Write Thank You PostCards!

All of us know it's just good manners to send thank you postcards but few of us ever follow our instincts and get them in the mail as we should. That's a shame because sending a thank you cards can have many benefits, including a good feeling for doing the right thing. Of course, knowing what to say on your thanks you cards can be a challenge. Below are some examples of what you might want to say in your greetings, as well as some other pointers that might help you do more of what you know you should.

Wording for Sample Thank You Card

Make sure the writing on your card shows your appreciation in a sincere, personal and specific way. Here is one example of something you might say in your bridal shower thank you cards:

Brian and I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful set of flatware you purchased for us. We'd love to have you come to dinner soon and see for yourself how lovely it is on the table. It was a very thoughtful gift.

Basically, the above sample would also include a personal salutation, such as “Dear Sarah and Brad" if you know them well or “Mr. and Mrs. Kirkwood" if they are friends of the parents or the family that you are not as well acquainted with. Additionally, you would want to close with a personal touch as well. “With much appreciation" or “With love" would be nice choices. Avoid using any type of closing that has been overused, such as “Sincerely. "

While the above example illustrated how to thank someone for a gift, you may have some people give you cash or a gift card. If you have this type of thank you card how to write it is shown below:

Thanks so much for giving me the iTunes gift card for my birthday. You obviously know how much I love music and my iPod. I've already been downloading music like crazy! Next time you visit, I'll let you listen to some of my new music.

With this type of message, you want to express your appreciation for the gift but also show that you are finding it useful already.

Other Pointers for Thank You Cards

Besides the message, you should also keep a few other things in mind. For example, you should always try to send your thank you postcards within two weeks of the event or of receiving the gift. Waiting longer is not only bad etiquette but usually means you'll continue to procrastinate and will never get your cards in the mail.

Also, we have the most popular cards and appreciation announcements for varying occasions from events such as graduation thank you cards!

Regardless of the event, you should make sure to purchase your thank you postcards ahead of time so that you'll have them and an begin working on them immediately after the event. That means you'll be more likely to get the cards in the mail in a timely fashion whether you've just had a birthday party, wedding, baby, or bridal shower, or graduation.

You can find out more about thank you postcards as a way to learn the best methods for expressing your appreciation. Check out our most popular cards for saying thank you.

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