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Creative Party Theme Ideas A Casino Night Birthday Party


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Here is one of our Creative Party Theme Ideas.

As the saying goes: “Life's a gamble. " So I think there is no better way of celebrating a birthday than a “gamble" night. Have a “Casino Party, " with rolling the dice and playing cards all night. With a Casino night there is so much you can do to make sure you have a really fun party. The theme can be as elegant or as outrages as you wish.

Of course you will not be able to use real money for this but you can have a lot of fun with homemade chips and play money. Make play “money" and “chips" with photos of the birthday person and give each guest a set amount when the party starts. At the end of the party the “winners" can receive prizes and make sure you have fun consolation prizes for the losers. The important thing is that you are celebrating the great gamble that life really is in the perfect style for doing so.

Different style casino parties that can fit into these creative party theme ideas:

1. The Classic “James Bond" Style Casino:

You can go for a grand James Bond Style Casino event complete with tuxedos and a full and flowing bar. With this theme you have to make sure that your guests are aware of the dress code. Your décor will obviously incorporate your theme and will include gaming tables and a roulette wheel. Make sure your decorations are elegant to suit your “glamorous" theme.

The food and drinks for this party should include old fashioned elegant cocktails and elegant snacks. Set your party up in such a way that your guests can move around and play as the mood takes them.

2. A Casual Casino Theme:

You can also opt for the kind of casual “tropical" kind of casino theme as many casinos these days have this theme. Here your decorations will be more outrageous and even “overdone. " Let your guests know what the theme is so they can dress accordingly. You still need your bar flowing with drinks but now you will concentrate on interesting “tropical" cocktails and snacks. Obviously you will still need your gaming tables and roulette wheel. Improvise to save money.

For both these themes the birthday cake can be decorated to look like a gaming table. This is very easily done by making a Photostat of a picture with edible ink on rice paper and then you simply place it on top of the cake.

The Invitations:

You can get your invitations online quite easily or you can print your own. Again you must go with the method that works best with the theme of the Casino birthday party you are throwing. These days your choices are virtually unlimited. According to your theme you can make the invitations either very elegant or, on the other hand, humorous. Remember to let your invitations begin the party theme and work from there to build up your theme and party.

Now for some more general ideas to incorporate into your casino theme:

1. Decorations:

You should not have any problem getting lots of casino related decorations at party stores. From fuzzy dice to oversized cardboard cards and hundreds of things in between. Depending on your sub-theme, you can go as elegant as you'd like with your casino night birthday party. You can also go for some of the more “party" themed casino settings that you will be able to find in the party shops as well.

2. General Food Ideas:

Try to display your food “buffet" style if it is at all possible as we all know that it is a “given" at any self respecting casino. If possible have catering staff circulating with drinks all night. For your food finger snacks are the best. Make them as elegant as possible for your “formal" casino theme and as fun and elaborate as possible for your “tropical" theme. It might be a good idea to browse recipe sites for a few good ideas. Another great addition to your buffet table would be a chocolate fountain with plenty of marshmallows, pretzels, and fruits to cover.

3. Music And Sound:

Get recordings of “casino" sounds such as money pouring out of slot machines. The music will have to fit into your theme but, do keep your guests taste in mind. Even if a certain kind of music fit in with your theme, if your guests hate it, it is not going to work. You can of course skip the slot machine sounds in, especially, your “formal" casino as the gaming tables and roulette tables are normally separate in such casino.

I am sure you will be able to have a really fun party with these Creative Party Theme Ideas.

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