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Birthday Invitations Cards for 2nd Birthday, 3rd Birthday, 4th Birthday, 5th Birthday, 6th Birthday


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Although the first birthday party for a child is usually the most memorable one, the 2nd birthday, 3rd birthday, 4th birthday, 5th birthday 6th birthday and older are also important milestones and merit a birthday celebration for your child. When you have a baby it doesn't seem any time at all and you are looking at a first grader.

Second (2nd) Birthday Party: You think back to your child's second birthday party and they still feel like yesterday. Once your child passes this age, the theme and atmosphere of such parties start to change. One simply approach would be to have a few playmates over for a small birthday play day with cake, ice cream and presents.

Third (3rd) Birthday Party: Today many three year olds go to day care while their parents are at work and so they are bound to form relationships with other children - if your child started day care before they were three then this birthday could mean third birthday party invitations for a number of other three year olds. This celebration should include the birthday boy, his playmates and a few simple songs and games like Stack the blocks the highest. This age party might be too young for a clown or playing blindfold games. Your guests might not be able to understand fully structured games very well. They only know if they do something good or better than other children, everyone will give them attention. Finger foods and one or two easy games, ring around the roses, for instance, are usually fine at this age. Most of the guests will need to be in bed soon after eight p. m.

Fourth (4th) Birthday Party: For a child's fourth birthday party, he should be ready for a real birthday party. The guests list should begin with his playmates. At 4 years old, they enjoy and love lots of decorations. At this age, your child and most of his or her guests will probably be into Sesame Street, which makes party ideas a breeze. Give your child and their guests a Sesame Street party and they are bound to have a great time. If you use the image of your child's favorite Sesame Street character wherever possible and your child will have a very happy party. Fun games can include musical chairs and carrying a hard-boiled egg on a spoon to the finish line without dropping it relay race can be appropriate. Additionally, a good spellbound movie will always be good to relax the kids and you. Simply spread a few blankets on the floor and have some pillows handy for sleepyheads.

Fifth (5th) Birthday Party: It seems like only yesterday you were making plans for your baby first birthday party and now they are already five. They are hitting the big 5 and either starting school or just in school, and having a big party will not happen every year. This age party is a rather different affair to the parties that preceded it. Children become a lot more aware of other people and the world around them by the time they are five, and will regard a lot of things that they loved only a year ago as babyish. Some five year olds are more mature in their attitudes than others and it can sometimes be difficult to arrive at a happy medium when it comes to their fifth birthday. Five year olds like to be entertained. A clown gives many young children a lot of fun as they like the silliness that a clown sometimes engages in. Face painting is another thing that five year olds enjoy. Make a boy up to look like a pirate, put a kerchief round his head and he's good to go for a great time.

Sixth (6th) Birthday Party: The first five years of your child's life will fly by, and then it isn't very long before you find yourself planning a party for half a class full of first graders. Your child's 6th birthday party should be one to remember as it will be the first party when he or she has had some input into the guest list. Around this birthday, the party can be simple sleepover parties, slumber parties for girls and all nighters for boys, along with popcorn, video games, junk food and movies. Half the fun is letting the kids stay up all night and sleep half the next day. What 6 year old kid doesn't love staying up all night. Even better yet, during the summer time, maybe sleeping outside in a tent.

Get your child involved in sending out the birthday party invitations. One good way of doing this is to get your child to draw something and then have it copied on the personalized invitations. Children of this age love to show off their skills. If your child likes to dance or sing then why not have a karaoke party? Kids love trying to sing the songs while they struggle with some of the words on the screen. It really will be a 2nd birthday, 3rd birthday, 4th birthday, 5th birthday 6th birthday party to remember if you video the birthday party.

About the Authors: Sarah Porter and Patti Paz are Authors of several articles including 2nd, 3rd, 4th Birthday Party Invitations , 5th, 6th Birthday Invitations Cards and more.


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