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Parents Guide to Punishing Children the Right Way

Jason Walter

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It is very common for parents to use their authority on children when it comes to disciplining children. What most parents forget is that children can have a negative influence of the repercussions and inappropriate punishments. Behavioral researchers suggest that In this post, we will discover the right way of punishing children, the way that can help you discipline your child without using the force.

Get to the bottom of the things

Whenever something happens, instead of pointing a finger to your child try to find the root cause of the problem. Sometimes siblings and peers at school put blame on each other to avoid the consequences. To make sure that you do not punish the child wrongly, always get to the bottom of things and then make a decision accordingly.

Make rules

Children are more prone to cross the line when they are not introduced to any rules. Create a set of rules and clearly communicate them to the children. Here is an example of the set of rules that you can introduce to your kids:

  1. No screen-based device in bed. Or no screen-based device after 6.
  2. Only two hours of television every day. You can set a timer for kids to make sure that they don’t watch TV for more than two hours.
  3. Assign specific household chores to each kid and tell them to report to your after they are done.
  4. Children should behave well both in school and home. Make specific rules for playing with the school playground equipment . The rules should include their behavior with the peers and siblings in the playground.
  5. Set the limit for the noise level. Children should be allowed to have fun, but this does not mean that they can disrupt the home environment.
Avoid physical punishments

Avoid the physical punishments at all cost. If you find it hard to hold your hand when it comes to punishing children, then remember that you are making your kids rebellious. That’s right. A growing body of research shows that children who get beat up more usually turn into young rebels. And we all know what happens to the kids who turn into rebels. Therefore, avoid the physical punishment and find alternative ways to discipline your children. Later in the article, we will look at some effective forms of punishments that will not only discipline your children, but will also teach them a good lesson for the future.

Talk things out with children

Most parents, due to their hectic schedules, hardly find any time to sit with their children and discuss the every day little things. The best way to deal with little conflicts between children is to sit with them and have the talk. This will not only strengthen your bond with your children, but will also allow you to find a solution to the common conflicts. Most parents complain that “I have a busy schedule, how can I find the time?” It is a valid question. You do not have to give 2-3 hours to the parent-child conversations. Simply chatting up with your tyke on the breakfast and dinner table can be enough.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. At the breakfast table: Ask your child about his plans for the day and offer helpful suggestions.
  2. At the dinner table: Ask your child about his day at school and the activities he engaged with. Help him with his little troubles and over the time you will notice a significant change in his behavior.
Best ways to punish your children

To help you out, I have gathered a list of punishments that you can use to discipline your child without being the bad parent:

Let them help you with the chores. Children hate household chores, which can be the best way to encourage them to do something against their will. This is more than just a punishment; this can be your chance to make your kids exercise. This can be especially helpful if your kid cringes away from the outdoor playground equipment and never gets the necessary exercise.

  1. Let them do the car washing. Car washing, just like the other household chores, lets your kids get ample exercise that they rarely get.
  2. Make them walk to school. This may not seem like a punishment, but believe me children find it hard enough to consider it as a punishment.
  3. Take the screen-based devices away. This is the most horrifying things that you can do with your kids, especially if your children live with their screen based devices. Take your child’s phone away for a week and he will learn what it's like to stay away from his friends for a complete week. Research shows that children who are afraid to have their phones taken are more likely to follow the rules than the children who do not have any fear of their devices being taken.
  4. Let one sibling do the work for other siblings for a week. Imagine the look on your child who has to be a slave worker for the other siblings for a week! There is no better punishment than this.
  5. Ban your child from the playground and the privilege of playing with a commercial playground equipment or any such structure for that matter.

The above-mentioned punishments are only some of the ways that you can choose to teach your kids a little discipline. You can always find creative ways to punish your children so that they learn more without turning into a rebel.


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