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Dealing with the Boredom Monster: Ideas for Boredom Bustur Jar

Jason Walter

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Boredom is a cruel monster that can make your active child a couch potato. It is extremely crucial for your child’s health that you keep the boredom away from his growing mind. The origin of everyday boredom is unknown; it is unclear as to why children feel jaded. However, researchers suggest that boredom can arise after a kid is constantly engaged in a similar activity. This means that children can become a victim of pococurantism if they are persistently exposed to a single activity. This article will highlight creative ideas that can help you eliminate lassitude from your child’s life. Scroll down to begin.


Here are some ideas that you can include in your Boredom Buster Jar.

Art and Craft Ideas
  1. Create a book of quotes and jokes
  2. Compose a letter for your Grandma with pictures
  3. Create paper dolls and design outfits for them
  4. Create tissue art using the poster colors
  5. Create wall paintings using pencil colors
  6. Make a pencil sketch of a tree, dog and a cat
  7. Make a dollhouse out of cardboard
  8. Draw shapes on the window with water paint (then wash them off)
  9. Make paper planes and boats
  10. Make a birthday card or “I love you mommy” card
  11. Use boxes or cards to create a manor
  12. Start writing a diary and make daily entries
  13. Try and draw a photo with your foot
  14. Create mirror paintings
  15. Use your imagination to draw a photo of a desert island
Recreation Ideas
  1. Measure things in your home with a tape measure or a ruler and record the measurements
  2. Circle the yard and the plantation eight times, then measure your heartbeat
  3. Remodel your outdoor playground equipment
  4. Create a water slide in the backyard
  5. Record the adorable characteristics of your pet
  6. Put on your favorite music and devise new dance moves
  7. Collect rocks in the playground or backyard
  8. Make paper sack manikins or sock manikins
  9. Wash the car
  10. Clean the windows and dust the dining table
  11. Remodel your room
  12. Compose a story using the objects around you
  13. Make a play with outfits
  14. Removed pictures from magazines and make a montage
  15. Utilize plain white paper and envelopes and create a customized stationery box
  16. Cut up old occasion cards and make stickers for the coming year
  17. Surprise your mother by making her breakfast
  18. Make a little toy zoo for your toys
  19. Make lemonade for your siblings
  20. Play Tag or Freeze Tag
  21. Make a family daily paper/pamphlet
  22. Collect coins
  23. Make a swear jar
  24. Make dessert
  25. Create a pillow fort
  26. Create a tent in the backyard with the help of pillow sheets
  27. Observe miniature life forms in the garden
Other Creative ideas
  1. Make your room into a fairy castle
  2. Make a deterrent course
  3. Compose a limerick using new vocabulary words
  4. Adorn an old tee shirt with cool designs using fabric pens
  5. Begin a new club that includes your siblings and your friends
  6. Plant a terrarium with unique flowers
  7. Design curtains for your room
  8. Use old cardboard boxes and tubes to construct a labyrinth
  9. Read a new story book that you have never read before
  10. Make a world globe with wet sand
  11. Use garden tools to dig into your back yard. Discover the miniature life and record their life activities
  12. Compose a song and sing it for your parents.
  13. Make a pontoon utilizing a cardboard or simple paper and popsicle sticks for the top, then buoy it in your bathtub.
  14. Blindfold your kin & go around the house & yard. Switch places and continue.
  15. Play card game with your grandparents
  16. Devise a new game using the objects around you
  17. Draw a walkway with the help of a chalk
  18. Play hopscotch with your siblings
  19. Decorate your church playground equipment
  20. Set up a restaurant and serve imagine suppers
  21. Play jump rope with your siblings
  22. Fashion a windsock out of an old bed sheet
  23. Paint your pet’s toenails
  24. Play Dodgeball with your neighbors and school friends
  25. Make a bending line of dominoes
  26. Make manikins with sticks old socks
  27. Plant seeds in the backyard and water the plants
  28. Make a wish list and complete the things on the list before bed time
  29. String dots to make companionship wrist trinkets.
  30. Utilize ropes to create a lift apparatus to transfer your toys to an elevated area
  31. Make a necklace out of pasta
  32. Make a soccer goal post and practice soccer
  33. Paste popsicle adheres together to make picture casings
  34. Build a tree house
  35. Create an animal feeder
  36. Make sand castles
  37. Paint rocks and shells with the help of poster colors
  38. Paint your local playground’s commercial playground equipment
  39. Create bean sacks
  40. Create Soap bubbles
  41. Give your dolls an air shower

Don’t let your kids suffer jadedness in silence and keep your bustur jar full. The above-mentioned ideas can keep your boredom bustur jar full for a while. You can also ask your kids to come up with their own ideas for the jar. Ask them what they want to do and how would they like to spend their time. Children can get very creative if you give them the chance, so give your kids the opportunity to eliminate pococurantism.


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