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Why Playgrounds are Important for Preschool Children

Jason Walter

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Why Physical activity in Chilhood Matters

Empirical evidence suggests that children who live a sedentary lifestyle usually develop chronic diseases later in their lives. The research reports that most children with inactive childhood develop diseases like cardiovascular heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, chronic respiratory disorders and various brain disorders that lead to less productivity in the later professional life. This article will explore why it is important to expose your child to substantial physical activities. Scroll down to read more.

Why Physical Activity in Childhood Matters?

Just like seeds always require more water and sunlight to grow into a strong tree with substantial fruit, children require more nutrition and physical activity to grow into a healthy person with a prosperous future. Physical activities promote the overall growth of your child, including brain and bone development.

So, do not take the swing rides, or the roughhousing with the other playmates for granted. When your child engages in a physical activity, regardless of the nature of the activity, he learns various skills while at the same time allowing his body to grow naturally.

The million dollar question is, why physical activity in childhood matters? Why can’t you just make up for the lost physical activity when you grow up? Research shows that the physical activity in the childhood builds the foundation for stronger cognitive ability and bone strength that is impossible to attain in the adult life. In addition, childhood is the base of adulthood; the stronger the base, the stronger the structure.

Playgrounds are important for all children, regardless of their age. However, preschoolers need to have a specific set of skills before they start school and only playgrounds can help develop those skills. Unfortunately, the modern entertainment trends have deprived children of the physical activities that they need for proper cognitive and physical development. This article will explore the skill set that is required before your preschooler sets foot in the school.

1. Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are one of the most important skills that the preschoolers need to have before they start school. Children need to learn the negotiation skills, and the art of getting out of a conflict. Indoor play settings are not equipped to teach kids these specific interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills help children interact and make social groups in school that greatly contribute towards their overall academic success. In addition, children learn to interact with teachers, and easily find ways to express themselves both verbally and nonverbally.

2. Motor Skills

Research shows that children who do not developed motor skills by the age of 4 or 5 never really develop motor skills in the later stages of their life. Outdoor playground equipment or school playground equipment has shown to develop essential motor skills in children that help later in life. Motor skills help kids learn how to use their body muscles for various physical activities. Strong motor skills lead to better dexterity and agility.

3. Ample Creativity

It is a well-documented fact that creativity is not something you are born with; it develops with age and experience. Research shows that children who spend more than 18 hours a week in a playground develop profound imagination that fosters enhanced creativity. Creativity is not just essential for the art class; it is essential for every academic field and helps your child excel in various scholastic aspects. So, if your child is spending more time on the couch in front of the TV and less time in the backyard, make necessary changes in his schedule so he gets enough time to work with his raw imagination.

Commercial playground equipment is a great way to engage children in extensive physical activity that will ultimately improve motor skills. Research shows that children who are exposed to physical activities at an early age develop sound motor skills as compared to other children.

The point of this discussion is not to make video games or the TV a prohibited act in the house; allot certain hours of the day for video and physical games. Your children need their daily dose of physical and entertaining activity, make sure they get both.


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