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Why our Children Get Bullied and Rejected in School?

Jason Walter

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Children get bullied and rejected by their peers all the time; it’s a phase and it passes just like everything else in life. But does that mean we should do nothing about it? Research shows that there are several life factors (including social factors) that contribute towards social rejection. Why is it that our children find it hard to stand up against the bullies?

We have to help our children find the strength to stand against bullies, and we can do that by allowing our children to have ample time in the playground so they can train themselves for the worst.

It is not always your child’s fault every time he gets home with a bruised or a swollen cheek. Research shows that there are other life factors that contribute towards the social rejection of children, which ultimately leads to being bullied at school. Did you ever wonder why your child always gets beaten by the other kids? Have you ever tried to find out why does he face such rejection? Next time your kid gets in trouble, try to find the cause of the situation rather than grounding him for two more weeks.

Most children who are bullied at school are the ones with less than average social life. They usually try to avoid other classmates and keep themselves secluded from social activities at all times. In addition, children who are bullied are constantly rejected, which promotes their hesitant nature that never lets them fully express themselves. According to a research study, more than 13-14 % of American school children get rejected by their peers. As a parent, it is a matter of concern for us to see why our child is being rejected by his other classmates.

The most common underlying causes of rejection include:

  • Poor classroom performance
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Lack of self-reliance

Moreover, Playgrounds allow your child to develop interpersonal skills and decision making skills; the two most important skills that are crucial for the social life of your child. Your child learns to interact with other playmates as he learns to use his mental abilities to take part in different physical activities.

So what can you do to help your child? Make “free play” an important component of your child’s life. “Free play” can involve anything from building mud castles to building a tree house and even chasing the pet dog around the park. If you think that the bullies at school are the culprits, think again. Most parents take “free play” for granted and never let their child have the time to bond with the other children. Research shows that social skills are developed at an early age. So if your child refuses to let go of his hesitant nature, it means he never had much chance to develop self-confidence in the early stages of his life.

It is never too late to help your child develop the essential social skills. So, make sure that your child has ample free time every day. Do not become the cause of your child’s rejection at school that can lead to substantial bullying. Bullying and rejection can destroy your child’s self-esteem, so do something before it is too late.

Is your child underperforming at school? School playground equipment and outdoor playground equipment might be the answer to this problem. You must be wondering “how can playgrounds stop my child from being bullied?” As mentioned above, playgrounds can help your child enhance his physical strength and mental growth, which can ultimately give him the self-confidence that is keeping him from doing well at school. When your child does well in school; his chances of rejection shrink.


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