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Adoption is a Viable Option for Creating Your Family

Bruce Markey

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Adoption is a process that brings strong emotions to the forefront for so many people. For those who have spent years trying to conceive a child, their emotions are already frayed. And for many adults sharing their stories about being adopted children, there are tales of great love for many others who are still feeling loss as adults, seeking where they came from and why they were put up for adoption. Let us focus on the impact of adoption to different groups of people.

The adoptive parent

Many people see adoption as the last chance to become parents, to have and raise children of their own. There is such sadness and such joy associated with the adoption process for these parents. Many have spent years and their entire savings in an attempt to conceive their own child. After all hope has been lost, adoption becomes a ray of light, a beam of hope and a real possibility of becoming a parent. But the process for that child begins anew.

After being certain that adoption is an option, one of the most important things to do is to understand the process in your state. State laws and regulations govern US adoptions. The next step is to find out your options – you can do the research yourself or work with an agency.

Are you planning to seek a domestic adoption or an international adoption? Do you wish to go through a public agency and adopt an older child or seek a private agency and focus on a new born baby? All these questions will have a different impact on the process and will lead to different challenges and emotions, but once prospective parents have chosen this route, the end result needs to be the focus. Bringing home the child is the real reason behind everything adoptive parents go through.

The adopted child

Adults who were adopted as children fall into many categories. Some are blissfully happy, not feeling loss and accepting (and loving) their adoptive family. They may have been told throughout their lives about their adoptions and may have accepted the reasons, which has allowed them to be content.

Other adults, however, feel greater loss associated with being an adopted child. Many adults talk about having to deal with low self-esteem and feelings of loss and abandonment. In many of these situations, people found out about their adoptions later in their lives, as young teens or by accident. This way of finding out seems to create an emotional strain, often leading to identity problems and feared rejection.

Some adoptees spend a lot of time wondering why their birth parents placed them up for adoption, and what their life would have been like if they had not been adopted. They wonder if something was wrong with them from the start that caused them to be placed with other parents.

However you look at it, adoption does invoke strong emotions in all involved. While, for the most part, the families created as a result of adoption add a vibrant fabric to our society, it is an important step in the adoption process to have a clear adoption plan, and consulting with an agency that can provide pre- and post-adoption counseling can mean all the difference to the emotional outcome.

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