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I am thankful of what I Accomplished Year 2013

Emilio Vargas

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Everyone when we reached childhood days we dream what we want to carry out when once achieve maturity age. The basic are to finish college has a stable job and raised a happy family. This challenge is for everyone who dream good future.

I am one who dream to finish college, but never came true for some valid reason during those days. But I did not regret, instead I tried my best and work hard to help my family. I decide to travel and seek employment trying to find a good opportunity to work and study at the same time. But, good opportunity still not come to my side.

I decide to have my family when I reach legal age to marry. We’re lucky to have children to raise and guide them until they finished college courses. All have a stable job, some have own families while others still helpings us from our basic needs. With me and my wife is my grandchildren who separated from his parents and to pursue his secondary course. I hope he finishes college course.

The information above, you can describe me who I am now and perhaps has guessed I am now matured. That’s correct, but we still to move on to complete the cycle of life. Many years have passed and have experienced happy and fortunate moments, we should not surrender the challenge of life and think positive for the future of what we can help and accomplished.

The year 2013 is my tough year, start to learn internet marketing from scratch without a coach. I just think and focus and tell myself I can do it! Now I had own sites I created myself. Why I focus on Internet marketing? I think everybody guessed the answer, over age is not a good advice to have a job in a company to report and travel every day work. Besides the company had an age limit requirement before you can work with them.

Internet marketing is one of my accomplishment the previous year. When I sum up I found the best and most interesting, I ever to do is to reach the retirement AGE. I can say and proud of myself and no regret hasn’t finished my college study, and thank our Lord GOD that he let to reach my goal that all happen in the year 2013 when I reach 60 years old and proud to my name as “SENIOR CITIZEN” .

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Go Ahead, Be Thankful
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