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Top Child Abandonment Questions Online

Meghan Jones

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Child abandonment and child neglect are serious crimes. A lot of parents have questions on child abandonment laws when filing for separation or guardianship of a child. Have you ever wondered what you could possibly do to get custody of your child from your ex-husband or wife because you feel as if they are neglecting your child? Q. Is this child abandonment or neglect if one parent takes a child out of the state without the other parent’s consent?
It is usually not considered a form of neglect if the kid was under the supervision of an adult. However, the actions of the parent that has the custody of the kid could create grounds for child neglect, depending on circumstances. When a parent leaves a kid for an extended period of time in the care of another adult, without contact with the kid or seeming interest in the child’s welfare, it could be considered neglect. If the child was left without water, shelter, food, or adult supervision, then there would be grounds for child neglect.

Q. If a person already facing child abandonment charges falls behind on child support, would that be considered as another offense of child abandonment?
While different states have different laws about the child abandonment, falling behind on child support payments alone would usually not constitute as that especially if there’s a court arrangement saying how much is supposed to be paid for child support and the payments have otherwise been current. If an adolescent is left with no support “willfully” and “voluntarily”, it would be considered as child abandonment.

Q. How would a person file for child abandonment?
Filing a formal request to terminate the other parents rights towards the kid would be the first thing to do. The grounds on which a parent’s rights towards a youngster can be terminated include:
* Failure to pay child support
* Child neglect or abuse
If you feel your situation has any of the above grounds for termination of a parent’s rights, you should consider retaining a lawyer. You could also ask a lawyer to get expert opinion on your situation.

Q. If a parent leaves home while a child is sleeping, can the opposite parent file for custody on the grounds of child neglect or abandonment?
Laws differ from state to state. Most states though, recognize that the parent or guardian who has custody of the kid by court order has all rights to the adolescent. The parent that files for custody first gets custody of the children in most cases. While a single instance of leaving home while the kid was sleeping may not provide enough grounds for filing a child abandonment petition, it might be wise to seek a legal counsel if you feel there are repeated instances of child neglect or abandonment.

Q. Is it child abandonment if a parent leaves the child for days with grandparents?
When a parent leaves a kid in the care of competent adults, it usually does not constitute as that. Child abandonment is when a youngster is left without any adult supervision, food, shelter, water, etc. However, while the kid is in the care of the grandparents, if the parent or legal guardian of the child shows no concern for the kids, does not provide for the well being of the children in any way then the grandparents could consider filing for legal custody of the youngster.

Child abandonment and seen as serious issue by most courts. Questions about neglect are often raised during divorce and children custody cases. It is always a good idea to be well informed of child abandonment laws, in order to safeguard your and your childrens best interests. A simple way to arm yourself with the legal knowledge is to ask lawyers and get answer to your legal questions.


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