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Getting Cerebral Palsy Due To Infections in Mother During Pregnancy


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It can be quite frightening for a mother to come down with the flu and know that her baby may be at risk of developing a possibly devastating health challenge. Thankfully, if you come down with some sort of infection, it can possibly be treated. Some maternal infections can be prevented.

The 3 Infections that Every Pregnant Woman Can Avoid

1. German Measles also Known as Rubella

If you have never had the measles or taken a shot in order to prevent, then ensure that you get vaccinated prior to getting pregnant. This virus can cause jaundice and brain damage to the baby.

  • 2. Toxoplasmosis
  • This particular parasitic infection comes from the following:
  • Consuming undercooked or raw meat during pregnancy that is parasite infected. No one can tell by just looking at the meat, so make sure that you always cook meat thoroughly.

  • Cat faeces. Pregnant women should avoid cleaning the kitty box or should ensure that they wear gloves and wash their hands thoroughly if you they have to clean the kitty box by themselves.

  • Improperly washed or unwashed veggies or fruits that are infected. As mentioned above, you cannot tell if the fruits and veggies are infected just by looking at them. Make sure that you always wash them well, even if they are organic.

The parasite that is known to cause toxoplasmosis can also be found in the soil, which can be transferred from birds, insects and bug. So make sure that you wash your hands well after gardening.

With toxoplasmosis, the added concern is that one may not even know or even have the slightest inkling that they have the parasite. If one feels any effects, it may be symptoms that may feel flu-like. This symptom is quite easy to ignore because when you are pregnant you may not be feeling too well anyway.

3. Urinary Tract Infection or Kidney Infection

As a female, there is a strong possibility that at some point in your life, you may have or have come down with a urinary tract infection also commonly referred to as UTI. This is because a female's anatomical makeup makes it easier for bacteria to reach the bladder where it can develop and cause an infection. If you do not empty your bladder fully, there is a possibility that bacteria will grow in the urine that wasn't emptied out of the bladder.

Every female that has already experienced UTI knows how annoyingly painful it is. But developing UTI or kidney infection during the period of pregnancy is a lot more serious. As a matter of fact, apart from increasing your chances of giving birth to a child with cerebral palsy, it can also increase the pregnant woman's chances of developing high blood pressure as well.

If you ever suspect that you have some sort of infection, immediately bring it to your doctor's attention. Make sure that your doctor takes your concerns very seriously.

Origins of Cerebral Palsy is the comprehensive source for information on causes and treatment of Cerebral Palsy.


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