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Location, Location, Location: Finding a Local Sitter


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Need a babysitter? Of course you do! Every single parent or couple will eventually need a reliable person to come to their home and stand in for them with the kids. It's just a given fact of modern life. Whatever your reason or occasion to need a sitter, and there are literally hundreds of possibilities, there is always the legitimate concern expressed thus: How do I find a dependable local sitter? Here are a few ideas.

  • Search your neighborhood.

    You want local, right? Well, start out locally. Ask your neighbor down the street or in the next block who they are using for a sitter. Keep your eye out for teenagers in your area.

    Where do they live? How about the school in your area? Check with the principal and teachers there for recommendations. Wouldn't it be great to find a reliable sitter who lived close enough to you that transportation would not be an issue? So, go ahead. Check out your neighborhood.

  • Still looking? Expand your search. It's time to cross-examine your friends and family. Someone in your circle has to have some ideas about the availability of a reliable sitter for you.

    Someone they have used before. The younger, but now old enough, sister of their previous sitter when their kids were smaller. Someone's cousin's daughter.

    Be the super sleuth. Ferret out that hidden sitter!

  • Not happy yet? Well, try the local college bulletin board or even their career center. Often undergrads will place their name in the mix for part-time jobs such as babysitting.

    Exposing your kids to college age sitters is often an effective means of role-modeling your youngsters to strive for a college education themselves. Invest a few minutes at the local halls of higher learning. The payoff could be worth it.

  • Still seeking. Maybe you have even interviewed a few candidates, but you are just not yet convinced that you have found the perfect sitter for your family. Well, here's another possibility that is growing in popularity with parents across America. Go online. There are numerous websites springing up catering to helping parents find babysitters, nannies, and even au pairs. Undoubtedly, your area will be listed on one or more of the sites you find. You can even post your needs on some of these sites and they will refer candidates to you. Many reliable and dependable sitters are located by this very means. So, don't hesitate to give the online sites a look to fulfill your needs.
  • There is one further idea that bears investigation. Your local print media. Yes, they still print newspapers! But there are also many local tabloids with free ads or very low cost advertising features. Sitters often advertise their availability in these. Also, you could place an ad to have candidates contact you. Believe it or not, it could work for you.

Regardless of how you locate your potential babysitter , do your homework. Be thorough in your interviewing process. Evaluate the candidate's compatibility with your household. Check out her references. Don't just interview one person. Be selective. Be convinced that the person who you are entrusting with the care of your most valuable asset, your children, is the perfect one for you, for your kids, and for your peace of mind. Believe me, the right sitter is out there for you. Now, sic'em. Go find her!


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