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Are Nannies and Babysitters the Same


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Do you need a nanny, or will a babysitter do just fine for what you need? It depends on what you expect from either one. A babysitter is fine if you are going to be gone for only a few hours each day, or as someone to look after your kids once in a while in the evening. Keep in mind that if there is anything extra you want the sitter to do, you will probably have to pay for, unless you have a prior agreement with this person. Sitters usually do just that-they are there to sit with the kids for a period of time, keep them out of mischief, and see that they get put to bed if they are there in the evening. If they are a daytime babysitter, the circumstances are pretty much the same: entertain the kids, keep them safe and out of trouble, and that’s about it.

Nannies, on the other hand, are a completely different type of employee. They usually have much more experience than a babysitter, are normally a bit older than your average teenage sitter, and able to perform many more jobs and duties. Nannies have a great deal more responsibility, and are capable of doing much more than care for the children. They usually take on the task of caring for the home, also. Working moms have a hard time keeping up with everything that needs to be done, and a competent, qualified nanny is able to step in and literally take over for her. She will see that the housework is done efficiently, is willing to run errands, help the children with homework, and do many other little “jobs” around the home.

Many people may actually consider the nanny a “glorified babysitter, ” but ask anyone who works in this position how she feels about that title. Chances are you are going to get quite a detailed account of what her day is actually like, and the family she is working for could tell you the same. She does so much more than care for the kids while the parents are at work. If not for people like her, a great many working parents would be at a loss when it comes to who will be looking after the kids, and the household might well be in major disarray. There is very little time in the evening for a working mother to accomplish all that she would like, or need to do. The nanny makes it possible for her to come home from work and actually relax for a bit.

Perhaps you have been trying to get by with the occasional services of a babysitter, but are now realizing that you need much more than that. You might want to reconsider your choice and come to the realization that you need more help than this. Wouldn’t you feel a lot better about leaving home each morning if you knew that there was someone very qualified who would be in the home taking care of everything each day? Wouldn’t it be pleasant to come home at night to a clean house and a meal on the table, or at least partly prepared, and the kids happy and already bathed? Just think about the load off your mind and shoulders if this were to happen!

Moms who work part-time may very well be satisfied with just a babysitter for extra help, but for those women who are gone eight to nine hours, five days a week, a nanny is going to seem like a miracle worker to her. Yes, a nanny will cost a little more than the sitter you now have, but look at how much more you will be getting. A full-time, reliable, competent, qualified individual who can make your extremely busy life so much better. In fact, she will be well worth any amount you have to pay. Many families wouldn’t give up their nanny for any amount of money-that’s just how much they value the service she provides. If this sounds like your present lifestyle, you really should consider hiring someone like this. Once she begins to assist you, you will wonder how on earth you ever got along without her.


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