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If You Enjoy Kids, Consider a Nanny Position


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If you have been looking for a job, but haven’t found anything that interests you, maybe you aren’t considering all your options. If the thought of being tied to a desk all day doesn’t interest you, or you just can’t see yourself working in any public sector, you might love being a nanny in a household where there are small children. Maybe you never even thought of this type of job, but if you like kids, this might just be perfect for you. Nannies are well thought of employees, are paid very well, and many times are able to live in the home where they work.

A nanny job will offer you the chance to be around children, supervise their care and well being, yet the atmosphere is relaxed and stress-free. You will, in essence, be a surrogate parent of the kids you are caring for. Whether you work part time or full, the nanny opportunities are endless. Working parents with small children still at home welcome the idea that someone like you, who loves children, can give theirs the competent, reliable care they are seeking. Even if this is a job you have never done before, starting part-time will give you the experience you need to go on to a full-time position.

Nannies are different from babysitters in that the position generally requires more than just “being there” to care for the kids. Many times, the nanny is the one who keeps the household running efficiently in the absence of the parents. She not only sees to the well-being of the children, but performs other tasks, as well. She may also be responsible for daily housecleaning, meal preparation, running various errands, and seeing that the kids get to their appointments on time. Good organizational skills are a must, as well as the ability to have a good rapport with younger children. A certain amount of energy is also required, because those kids can keep you on your toes.

This sounds like quite an intriguing job, doesn’t it? It can be, for the right person, and that person just might be you. Nannies are all ages, so don’t think you are too young for this position. Even if you are a college student looking for employment during the holidays or summertime, there are nanny jobs out there that will fit your schedule. All you have to do is advertise your skills and availability, and it’s a sure fact that you will have more than one job to pick from. Be prepared to go through an extensive interview process which is perfectly normal-parents want to know as much as possible about the person they will be hiring to look after their children.

Potential employers will generally request a background check, also. Be honest and forthright during your interview and you will have no problem. Do not try to hide any potentially unsavory information as this will always work against you. It’s also not a good idea to say you have experience in this field if you don’t-just be honest and let the parents know that you are willing and eager to learn if given a chance. Many parents will consider a trial period just to see whether you can handle the job, but don’t be too disappointed if they prefer someone with experience. It is nothing against you personally, but just that some parents don’t feel comfortable leaving their kids with a novice caregiver.

If you are considering becoming a nanny later on, get some training under your belt before you begin looking around for a job. A first-aid and CPR course are excellent resources to consider, as well as first hand childcare experience. Baby sitting is a good way to learn about children and what they require, and also gives you references when you need them. Consider taking early childhood development classes, and if there is nowhere locally to do this, you can always take courses online. Having certification will increase your chances of obtaining a nanny position should you decide this is what you want to do.

A position as a nanny is an enjoyable way to earn a living, and once you are employed, you will quickly become a valued member of that family, and may find that before you know it, you have been there for many years.


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