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Babysitter or Nanny Services?


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Do you find that you are in need of a babysitter quite frequently, yet have a hard time finding someone who is available when you need one? If you are out of the house quite often during the day, maybe what you really need is a nanny. Babysitters come in to watch the children, and that is about it. A nanny can be employed to work on a regular basis and her duties may encompass much more than childcare. She can also be hired to help you around the house, get meals ready to go on the table if needed, and assist with all the countless little jobs that make the household run more smoothly. Nannies are miracle workers who can tackle even the most unpleasant jobs with a smile.

Where do you find this “superwoman?” Nanny services, of course. Most of the women registered with the service are professional caregivers who are experts in their field. They are experienced in taking care of children, running a household, and can be counted on for their dependability and resourcefulness. Children who grow up under the care of a nanny often think of her as a family member, and mothers grow to depend on her for all the little things she does to make life easier. She is capable of taking some of the stress out of life, make time more manageable for the parents, who in turn can have more quality time with the children.

Are you hesitant about hiring a perfect stranger to come into your home? Don’t be, especially if you use a service to locate your nanny. All of the applicants are very thoroughly screened before they are allowed to register, first aid certification is usually required, and in many cases, these people are professional and have been working as nannies for many years. They are also required to undergo a background check that includes a criminal history check, and are asked to supply references when they register. Once this has been completed, the nanny candidates will post a profile that includes their picture, work experience, past employer references, and the number of years they have been in this field.


Meeting a potential employee is as simple as contacting the agency and requesting an interview. Your contact information is passed along to the person you are interested in meeting, they will call you, and the meeting can take place at your home if you wish. This will give you both time to get to know one another, (the nanny will also be asking questions as well as answering them) and you will have a chance to decide whether or not you wish to continue with this person. This also gives the nanny the opportunity to make a decision as to whether or not she is willing to come to work for you. The interview is meant for both sides, both yours and hers.

The one big difference between choosing a babysitter or a nanny is that a babysitter will only be available for certain times of the day, and your nanny will be a full-time employee who will do much more than simply watch the kids for a few hours. Babysitters are fine if you only need someone occasionally, but when it comes to the day to day operation of a family, children, and household, you really need a nanny. Interview as many people as you wish, and eventually you will find the one who fits into your household as if she was meant to be there. Nannies are often employed long after the children are grown and gone, simply because she has become such a valued member of the family they cannot bear to see her move on. The professional nanny will indeed be a welcome addition to your home, and you will often find yourself wondering what you would ever do without her.

If you are finding that you are becoming overwhelmed by everything you have to do between work and home, consider hiring a nanny to share some of the load and give you the peace of mind (and body) you need. You will never regret making this wise choice, so start your search soon.


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Tips on Hiring Your Nanny Wisely (And Consider Nanny Cams Almost Disposable)
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