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Making Room for Children's Beds

Whitney Segura

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As children grow, space becomes of utmost concern. Children's bedrooms are not only a place to lay their heads, but must be playrooms, safe havens, as well as utilitarian atmospheres.

  • As parents find themselves needing to make room for ever growing stores of toys, books, and electronic equipment, not to mention more mundane items such as clothing and school supplies, location of larger furniture items, like children's beds and dressers, can be a daunting task.
  • An excellent, space saving alternative to the standard are bunk beds for children.
  • Children's bunk beds come in a variety of styles and can give parents room for storage as well as room to grow.
  • Some children bunk beds include built in drawers, dressers, and even study desks so that the rest of the bedroom can be occupied for more personal items.

Bunk beds for children can come in multiple sizes as well.

  • In some cases, parents may choose to have a full sized bottom mattress matched with a twin top. This type of bed, called a twin over full, is a popular choice for parents who have children with a large age gap, giving the older child more room while not sacrificing on the space saving feature of the children bunk bed.

Another feature that can be found in children's bunk beds is a trundle, which adds a third children's bed that can be utilized for extra large families or for the occasional sleep over guest.

  • The choice to purchase a children's bunk bed is not solely for parents of those with multiple children. Parents may choose to buy a bunk bed in order to give their child an extra mattress for visitors. This is particularly helpful for those who have children who often invite friends over.
  • Even for parents who don't expect to have many overnight guests, having the extra bed can put one's mind at ease, knowing that there is a mattress handy for anyone who may stop by.

Bunk beds can provide yet another benefit that few consider, and that is the simple ease of having stacked beds that do not have to be stored separately. With most children's bunk beds, the beds can be separated and used as single twins in the same rooms or in different locations.

This way, the children's beds can grow with them. If a family moves to a larger home and wishes the children to have their own rooms, the bunk beds can simply be taken apart and placed in each individual bedroom, which saves the parents from having to purchase new furniture for each child. Indeed, the twin beds can even move with the children as they leave their parents’ homes, becoming useful beds for college dorm rooms or apartments.

Childrens beds should not be viewed as a short term purchase, but as an instrument that could save space and, in the long run, much money.

  • By purchasing the right set of high quality bunk beds, this is a purchase that can truly turn children's beds into much needed furniture that can last a lifetime.

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