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A Parenting Plan and Custody Agreement Template


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Divorced and separated parents can follow a basic parenting plan and custody agreement template to help them make a parenting agreement for their children. Once parents know the template, they can customize the plan so it fits their situation. Here is a template for parents to consider as they make a custody agreement.

The first issue that parents need to decide for their plan is where the children will live. This is a complicated issue, and there is no clear cut right or wrong answer. To decide this, the mother and father need to realistically look at their situation and the needs of the child and decide which home would be better for the child.

Once the mother and father have determined where the child will live, they can work out the rest of the custody and visitation schedule. At the end of making the schedule, the parents should know where the child will be every day of the year. If the parents are unsure about the schedule, they can make a temporary schedule and see how it works out. Then they can make some changes before accepting a permanent schedule.

The next part of the parenting plan template is about the child's medical care. The mother and father need to have a plan for how they will provide medical, dental, and vision care for the child. Thus, the parents should discuss how they will provide their child will insurance, and how they will choose a family practioner. They should also discuss how they will make decisions regarding care for the child.

The custody agreement template should cover how the parents plan to interact with each other. Many agreements include provisions about how the parents will communicate and resolve disputes. A mother and father can also put a provision in the agreement that bans disparaging remarks about the other parent in front of the child.

Other issues to decide for a good parenting plan are: holidays, the child's education, and making decisions. All of these are important for the parents to figure out. The more parents can plan ahead and include the plans in the custody agreement, the better the custody arrangements will work out. So, by following this parenting plan template , a mother and father can have confidence that they have a good plan for their child. This will help the child adjust to the divorce and separation, and it will also help the parents raise the child.


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Using a Maryland Parenting Plan
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