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Abandoned children of Bulgaria - waiting to be adopted. Change their life make a difference today!

Ivan Petkanov

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There are over 15,000 Bulgarian forgotten children waiting and hoping to find their families. Imagine walking into a room where there is just silence, but in fact the room is full of children and they are not talking, they are not smiling – … they have stopped doing this many years ago… they have only felt unwanted. They have lost this feeling to want something today or tomorrow, because there is just nobody there to give it to them or to hear their wishes. In actual fact many of us have donated clothes, money or toys to children’s homes or social services institutions - where forgotten children or children with disabilities have been placed. The shocking news which you are about to read is more than horrible – …in Bulgaria, most of your donation or your money to these homes disappears. Disappears in the deep pockets of directors, regional directors or teachers and therapists working with the children…

- Why I say forgotten children of Bulgaria. . . ? They are forgotten by all of us, when we donate we just buy time. Time in which we say to ourselves and friends – I helped as much as I could …Oh dear, did your money go where it was needed most?. . . or went towards a deposit for someone’s luxury car or next flat in a big city…we don’t know and it is not likely to find out.

The terrifying talks from officials giving figures for the real money spent on children’s programs don’t likely much the reality which we face in our everyday life, when we visit any children’s homes. I fact the money is short for electricity and heating in their social house. Abandoned, scared and horrified many times they become a victim of the global society, and soon before they even become teenagers they fall into drugs, violence and thefts. In your head may be appears the image of Oliver Twist in Charles Dickens’s novel…remembers it well…that’s the true live outside on the streets, where in order to survive - you must be a criminal regardless of the age.

- Yes, I know it is hard to believe that this could be happening in a civilized society where demand for progress and prosperity have been put forward and carried over from government to government, but this is picture…unfortunately!

Many people from different countries support the Fighting Poverty – program worldwide, how you could personally become a member of this fight…Do it, adopt a Bulgarian child today, make a difference.

The only Dream in them is the hope to have parents…. and families. Imagine this small little youngster passing you a folded note…. . you look at the eyes of this lonely little kid and you read the note …Are you my parent. . . ?

Dear loved parents consider this; …one more child in your family would not be so much hustle for you. He or she would do the same as your children, getting up early in the morning, brushing their teeth. Having breakfast and going to school. You would be watching them playing in the park or just encouraging them to do their next drawing… All this makes a difference in life which is just not describable in simple words…this is the true love and harmony in us…and we just found the key to open this door in the corridor of our heart. Let the Fairy tale begin…


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Sick And Tired Of Your Children? Learn How Positive Parenting Tips Will Change ..
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