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Convincing Your Child to Sit on Potty Training Toilet Seat


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The very first and basic step in training your child is to make him or her sit on toilet seat. Familiarity will make him or her comfortable as he or she uses the potty. However, before doing so you have to make sure of the following things:

• Clean potty seat. Before you allow your child to sit on it make sure that it is clean. Many bacteria lives in the toilet and to make sure that none of them comes close to your child clean the toilet frequently. You want to start and continue the potty training without the obstacle of having to deal with your child’s itching or allergy problems.

By cleaning the potty training toilet seat, you may use disinfectant products and a clean brush. This will definitely fight off germs and disease-causing bacteria. Remember that having a clean toilet seat is convenient for your child in a way that when he or she starts to look at the potty, without stains or harmful elements, he or she will be motivated to use it.

• Keep the toilet seat dry. You do not want to encounter accidents during potty training. One of the reasons why accidents occur even for one harmless toilet seat is because of its wet surface. The wet toilet seat will cause your child to slip inside the potty hole or may be fall outside the potty. So as much as possible avoid a wet potty toilet seat to also avoid this risk.

• Accompany your child during his or her first potty experience. Place your child properly on the potty training toilet seat and make sure to keep an eye on him or her. You do not want to leave him or her all covered up with feces.

• Before toilet training starts, you really need to buy your child’s own potty. Measure or estimate the size of your child’s cute butt and buy a potty or toilet with a seat that is just enough for his or her size. Remember not all babies have the same size of butt so pick those that will not put him or her to any danger or embarrassing accidents.

Potty training toilet seats are vital parts of the toilet. Without it, there will be no other means for your child to use the potty for bowel movements. Just remember to keep it clean all the time. You do not want to risk your child while he or she is potty training or at the point of using the potty.

I hope that these are helpful for your child’s toilet training. Again, consider all the small details that you could use to choose the best suitable toilet for your child. Once you follow these guidelines, there will no longer be a hard time for both you and your child to deal with potty training. So keep it up and enjoy!

Liyah Cherby is compassionate about children. has been helping out parents with potty training problems. She advices parents what to do to arrive with a successful potty training amidst the problems. For more information about potty training click at


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