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The Effectiveness of Potty Elmo in Potty Training


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Are there no other means that will help you in the training aside from rewards? Well, we cannot deny that there are moments that your potty training with your child is a success and there are also times when it is a failure. You probably do not know where to start again. However, there is a manufacturer who designed a toy inspired in one of the characters in Sesame Street – Elmo. This toy is called Potty Elmo since it is designed to help you in your training activities with your child and of course, to help your child pass the potty training.

How does it work? Well, it works in a way that it can encourage the child use the potty since after drinking this bottle, Potty Elmo will make a sound then goes to the potty. After such activity, he will make another sound signifying a triumph in using the potty. So you see, if you use it, it will somehow give your child a glimpse on what to do and how to do it on a potty.

It serves as a puppet that will somehow encourage your child to go to the potty everytime your child drinks. Even if he or she never drinks anything but he or she feels urinated, the potty is always available for such needs. Since Potty Elmo is also a toy, your child will try to imitate it. Kids often imitate what they see even when they only imagined the toy or the friend by themselves. This gives them the pride that if the toys can do it, they can too.

Using this alternative means is also another way to make the training fun. Potty training doesn’t need to be strict and stiff. It should be entertaining somehow. The child should also learn to make things light and happy even during the duration of the training. By using it, you can also entertain your child and start telling him or her that Potty Elmo, too, enjoys using the potty. Encourage your child gradually and use your convincing powers.

Nonetheless, Potty Elmo can train your child one way or the other. It really depends upon your child. He or she might probably learn due to the adorable actions of the fluffly character. It raises your child’s curiosity and fondness. He will take time to absorb in his mind what Potty Elmo is really doing. However, since the child has limitless understanding because his or her mental and psychological development has not yet flourished, your child might still need your assistance and cannot live by just staring at Potty Elmo alone.

Soon your child will learn to use the potty if Potty Elmo is constantly being used during the training. Your child will never forget the fun experience he or she had during potty training because of the help from Potty Elmo and you.

Liyah Cherby is a dedicated person with strong principle about potty training a child. She has been helping out parents with their potty training and it comes out in a fruitful result. For more information about potty training click at


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