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Getting On With Teenagers


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The teenage years are turbulent ones for many, and it can be a time when families find themselves stretched to the limits of their patience. Luckily, the teenage years soon pass and most families find that they leave them an even stronger unit than they were before.

However, this can seem like small comfort when still entrenched in the constant battles that seem to come part and parcel with puberty. Luckily there are plenty of practical things that can be done to ease the transition from childhood to adulthood for the whole family.

Often there seems to be a sudden switch when it comes to communication when people hit their teenage years. Previously voluble children suddenly seem tongue tied and it can be a struggle to get even a few civil words out of them. The important thing in instances like this is to try not to take it personally. At this point teenagers are busy trying to leave their childhood behind and develop a sense of self and it can be difficult for them to articulate what they are feeling.

Instead of being hurt, rest assured that they are very likely to open up of their own accord - so treat it lightly and don't stop talking to them, one day they'll have the right words to reply to you.

Similarly, respect is a very important quality for both parents and teens and one that you should always try to maintain. Whether this means respect for your teenager's ability to make and learn from their own mistakes or respect for their opinions, if you show it you are more likely to receive it.

If you think that your teenager isn't showing you the regard you deserve then it might be an idea for you to sit down and talk about the things about you that mean you deserve their respect rather than just demanding it. This means they are more likely to understand why it's important that they have it for you and other adults.

Issues of trust are other tense areas when it comes to teenagers. It can be hard to let go of the idea that they are children and this makes it difficult for adults to believe that they are capable of making the right decisions. However, you have to give teenagers enough freedom to prove they are trustworthy or you'll be caught in a never-ending circle. Let your teenagers try things like giving a party, and check out your contents insurance if you're worried about how it will go.

If they respond well then you'll know they can be trusted in the future, if not you'll be able to show them what you're basing your decisions on when you say you can't trust them in the future.

Keeping a good relationship with your teenager is a two-way thing, put the work in and you're sure to help each other through the years.

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