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Dominic Lusk Kansas City Story


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Dominic M Lusk, is an African – American and came to this world on April, 1st, in the year 1962 in Texas. Dominic Lusk was born 1000 days after his elder sibling (Lynda) but 24 months before his younger brother (Richard) in Texas. Most of Dominic’s young childhood was spent in total ignorance to the great African - American civil rights stir that gripped the entire nation; a that laid the path for him and his fellow men to live their lives with dignity and freedom. His standard Afro – American parenting was strict, disciplinarian and yet, full of love and affection. His parents did not have the advantage of education and were employed as unskilled workers; that did not permit a good life style but they made sure that their young ones were never refused of any of their basic wants. The significance of education was not missed by Dominic’s parents and they did all things possible to enable all their children to attend school.

Dominic M Lusk was an above average student and still takes joy from the truth that he was better than his sister and brother at education. In the year 1975, Dominic’s father made a decision to join his brother’s business and the Lusk family moved to Kansas City, because of this. Dominic continued with his schooling in Dominic Lusk Kansas City and simultaneously, started to help his father and uncle in their milk supply business. His teens was as unremarkably common, as his childhood was. Dominic by now was aware of his heritage and thankful for the relative independence that his people enjoyed. Dominic Lusk's greatestforemost influence at this age was not Martin Luther King but unexpectedly, an African American fire fighter by the name Robert Lowery, who became the first black fire commissioner in the country. Dominic nurtured a desire to become a fire fighter like his hero. When he passed out of school with decent marks, he shared this desire to his parents and also informed them that he had no inclination to pursue higher education. His parents had to hesitantly accept to this and Dominic immediately joined the fire service of Dominic Lusk Kansas City to live his dream.

As the time passed by, Dominic’s fascination and captivation for fire fighting slowly reduced as he found out that the fire fighter’s job was difficult, arduous and ungrateful; that demanded long hours and very little rewards. His lack of higher education also narrowed his opportunities to grow up the work ladder. But, he had a decent job that paid enough. In 1986, he married Nancy (who is his far relative from his mother’s side), after a love affair of 24 months. Dominic’s and Nancy’s son William was born in the year 1988 and that is when Dominic understood that he had to finish higher studies to earn more for his family. He took up private studies and since he had always been a good student, he was able to do his graduation within four years. Just before his graduation, Dominic was given a chance to move to the administrative division in the fire service department. He joyously moved and still continues to work there till date. The years between 1993 and 2003 were uneventful job wise but was full of sorrow personally. His father died in 1994, his mother passed away in 1998 and his wife left this world in 2003. What a sorrowful span of 10 years!

Dominic Lusk did not want to remarry after his wife’s death and opted to be a single parent to his son. William is 20 years young today and is on the verge of completing his studies. Dominic’s responsibilities towards his family are almost finished and he now is looking forward to the day when he can lead a life for for his own enjoyment; he wants to start his happy childhood all over again!


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