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Educating Children - How Parents Can Help Ensure Children Are Receiving a Good Education


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Helping children survive and grow into capable successful adults is a concern that most adults have who are raising or helping to raise children. Most of us are familiar with the statement “Children are our future. " I believe the reverse is also true, “We are our children's future. " This is a challenge that all adults should take seriously as we help our children survive into happy, healthy, successful adults.

One of the major ways we can help children reach their potential and grow up to be successful adults is in the area of education. We can do this by making sure they have access to the very best schools and teachers we can provide for them. The education a child receives is one of the major keys in determining the degree of success children will reach in their lifetime, and the first three grades are the most critical years of their education.

As a former teacher and principal, I would encourage all parents to monitor the growth during these very important years of schooling. We do know that if a child is reading at or above grade-level by the end of third grade, they have a much greater chance of success in subsequent grades. Close contact with schools and teachers is a very good way to know what is happening at school and allows parents to step in and ask for interventions early if they are needed.

If you suspect your child has any kind of learning problem, early intervention is a must. Children with learning problems are at greater risk of dropping out of school and never reaching their potential. The earlier the intervention and remediation occurs increases the likelihood that they will be able to progress in reaching their potential. Whether the learning issue is autism, ADHD, hearing, speech or another problem area, there are many resources and interventions available to helping them succeed, learn, and stay in school.

Keeping close contact with your child's school and teachers will help you as a parent or parent figure know when to intervene and whether progress is being made. If this progress is not happening, adjustments and modifications can be made. Do not hesitate to advocate for your child when intervention is necessary. The children I always worried most about were those who did not have an advocate to insure that they are treated in a fair, kind and caring way at school.

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Sandi Etheredge presents a better understanding of children and their needs, and ideas about how to work with them that will lead to independent, caring, self-reliant adults. Her approach to parenting with caring and common sense is the result of a broad background in the field of education and parenting three children. Her experience comes from working as a parent, teacher, counselor, and administrator, and her background includes degrees in Education, Social Work and a doctorate in Education. She has consulted with parent groups on improving parenting skills and many school districts on topics such as working with Children from Disadvantaged Homes, Children with Learning Problems, and many learning strategies in reading, writing and math. Her greatest joy has been raising her three children and she is now able to enjoy three lovely granddaughters. Look for many more articles from Sandi that will help you work more effectively with your children.


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