The Personality of a Virgo Child


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Your Virgo Baby. .

August 23 - September 22

Virgo children are honest and reliable and usually tidy, although they may have bouts of being disorganised. Quick and alert, your Virgo child can be an excellent mimic, and is likely to be an early talker and, later, an early reader.

Virgo children are usually shy amongst strangers and can become upset if teased. Sometimes Virgos are fussy eaters, but they will try very hard to please if they know what is expected of them. Your Virgo child will need lots of encouragement to make friends and develop relationships. They sometimes have little confidence in their own attractiveness to others and opt for solitary pursuits. Parents will need to give lots of hugs and affection to build self-confidence. Virgo children can sometimes feel lonely.

Young Virgos will be helpful around the house, especially if imitating an adult, and careful with their belongings. They can become irritated if other children fail to meet their own exacting standards when playing with toys or tidying them away. Parents of Virgos should encourage the reading of fairy stories and myths and play make-believe games. When they are older, Virgos enjoy remembering magical moments.

A typical Virgo child is healthy, although if they become unhappy or worried about something, they may succomb to hypercondria. Typical illnesses include diarrhoea, appendicitis and indigestion.


Author: Tony Luck who runs a site with advice about having a baby and childcare. Included is the famous Chinese Birth Chart which supposedly forecasts whether you will have a boy or girl.


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