Helping Your Child Develop


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Here are some things that you can do to help your child develop.

Show your child that you care about him and that you are dependable.

Children who feel loved are more likely to be confident. Your child must believe that, no matter what, someone will look out for him. Give your baby or toddler plenty of attention, encouragement, hugs and lap time.

Set a good example.

Children imitate whatthey see others do and what they hear others say. When you exercise and eat nourishing food, your child is more likely to do so as well. When you treat others with respect, your child probably will, too. If you share things with others, your child also will learn to be thoughtful of others’ feelings.

Provide opportunities for repetition. It takes practice for a child to crawl, pronounce new words or drink from a cup. Your child doesn't get bored when she repeats things. Instead, by repeating things until she learns them, your child builds the confidence she needs to try new things.

Use appropriate discipline. All children need to have limits set for them. Children whose parents give them firm but loving discipline generally develop better social skills and do better in school than do children whose parents set too few or too many limits. Here are some ideas.

Direct your child's activities, but don't be too bossy. Give reasons when you ask your child to do something. Say, for example, “Please move your truck from the stairs so no one falls over it"-not, “Move it because I said so. "

Listen to your children to find out how he feels and whether he needs special support.

Show love and respect when you are angry with your child. Criticize your child's behavior but not the child. Say for example, “I love you, but it's not okay for you to draw pictures on the walls. I get angry when you do that. "

Help your child make choices and work out problems. You might ask your 4-year-old, for example, “What can we do to keep your brother from knocking over your blocks?"

Be positive and encouraging. Praise your child for a job well done. Smiles and encouragement go much further to shape good behavior than harsh punishment.

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