When Time Out Don't Work


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Joey steps away from his time out chair “I won’t sit!” His mother is frustrated and throws her hands in the air. . Time out is just not working for this mom. Many kids do not respond to time out so what do parents do???

- Let the discipline reflect the behavior

Some children respond well to discipline that is structured around what they did wrong. An example of this is a child that draws on the wall is asked to help with the clean up. There for they understand that what they did creates work for them self and there is a consequence for what they did.

- Point out what’s good

Many children respond to being told when they are doing well and being praised for it. Watch your child for when they do some thing good such as sitting quietly reading tell them “I like it when you sit and read like this, you are being such a good boy right now. ” You will find the good behaviors that you point out will happen more often.

- Don’t say Don’t

Children tend not to hear the word don’t. If you say “Don’t jump on the sofa” A child many times in the excitement filters out the “don’t “ aspect, and they hear “Jump on the sofa!” instead replace it with “Sofas are for sitting Please sit down. ”

- Give time

Children do not easily switch gears like adults can. Many times what sets a child up for bad behavior is many times a reaction to a quickly changing from a task they enjoy to another . Giving your child a warning of a change a few minutes ahead can help. “Timmy, you may play blocks for ten more minutes then we will put on our coats and go to the market. ” This gives your child time to switch gears.

Every child is different . They make you have to be creative until you find some thing that works, and the next day you have to be creative again, because they change all the rules.

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Jennifer is a stay at home mother of nine. She owns and operates http://www.simplymoms.com a parenting site just for mothers.



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